How to increase your rankings on LinkedIn with just 4 tips

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Every company wants to be the first choice in their respective industry.  Likewise, every individual would like to be at the top of the prospect pool when a job opening comes along.  Those looking to hire a company or an individual will take to the internet to try to find as much information on them as is possible.  This kind of profiling has become standard practice in any hiring process.  Companies want to make sure they are working with the best people and companies, and not just regarding their field of expertise, but also their professionalism. Social media networks are extremely powerful things.  They can tell a lot about a person.

You can learn about their social life, their private ones, and their professional life by just glimpsing at different profiles.  With regards to professionalism and qualifications, one of the places you can be sure they will look is on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn has become a prime player when it comes to getting to know a company or individual professionally speaking.  It gives everyone a chance to highlight what their strengths are and since it is a professional social network you can be sure it has a level of seriousness you will be hard-pressed to find on other social networks.  How you fill out a profile can help a company or individual rank higher on search engine results pages.  Oh yes, LinkedIn is rather helpful when it comes to search engine optimization.  Let’s see how you can improve LinkedIn to increase chances of ranking higher.

1.    Make the most out of keywords.


One of the greatest secrets of LinkedIn is how it gives users a plethora of spaces to put keywords that will put them in contact with the right people and companies.  LinkedIn’s search tools take these keywords to match a search with the right profile.  The most crucial space for keywords is your “Professional Headline”.  It’s where you give an idea of who you are and what you’re capable of.  Make sure you put some thought into this part of your profile.  Other places to put some keywords are “Experience” and “Skills”.  Just make sure that you don’t incur in keyword stuffing as this will surely be punished.

2.    Join groups and participate in them


Don’t fill up a profile with a bunch of groups for the sake of adding groups and posing as someone who is interested in a lot of things.  LinkedIn showcases users who are actively participating in forums and groups.  The company wants users to share their insights.  Comments are a great way to show your expertise.  You can even propose a discussion or ask a question to get the ball rolling somewhere else

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3.    Get recommendations from those you have worked with before.


Word of mouth is still one of the best, if not the best, marketing strategies out there.  What people who have worked with you think is very important on LinkedIn.  Think of them as references on a job application.  Those who can speak well of you will improve your chances a whole lot more.  Don’t underestimate the power of recommendations when it comes to boosting your search engine results.

4.    Connect with the right people


You’ve surely got friends from college, from previous jobs, and from your current one whom can vouch for you.  Look for them on LinkedIn and add them to your connections.  LinkedIn even makes it easy by adding a “People You May Know” section where you can see some recommendations.  Look for your email contacts and add who you want.  Additionally, look for people in the industry and have a look at their profiles to see how they can help you or how you can learn from them.  The idea behind LinkedIn is to build a network of professionals who share similar thoughts and ideas.  You can’t do this without making connections.  It’s that simple really.

Search engine optimization is not only getting on top of Google or Bing’s search results.  Every social network has its own ranking algorithm to showcase their best or most prominent users.  Getting on top of LinkedIn’s is key to being considered for your dream job or to be hunted by a large company.  The previous for strategies are essentially SEO strategies but applied specifically to LinkedIn.  They will surely help anyone rise the ladder and get noticed more than those who aren’t considering them.  Any professional who wants to be taken seriously needs to have a LinkedIn profile, not having one is like being in a desert without water: you won’t survive.

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