Content Writing just got easier: Don’t miss out on these five tools

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Trying to write a blog post or an article is something easier said than actually done: this apparently simple task demands, in fact, a lot of effort. Writers definitely can assert that, when it comes to writing, much effort is put into the research, the planning, the mere writing and, last but not least, the subsequent optimization of the content published on a particular web page—because all of this is done for SEO purposes—.
So, it is pretty clear that there is a myriad of details that need to be included in order for writers to come up with compelling pieces of content, especially if those pieces are supposed to do it all: attract new readers, provide accurate and valuable information, turn visitors into new customers and, most importantly, help rank websites much better on the different search engines.

Under the aforementioned circumstances, writers often get frustrated once they realize that several hours—even days—have passed after starting what they initially thought was going to be an easy and quick post.
Therefore, we at Blogzuola strive to provide readers, especially writers in this case, with ways to produce content without getting overwhelmed with this sometimes daunting challenge somewhere down the line. The following tools and resources will definitely come in handy for improving any writing process:

Content Writing Tools That Have Proven To Be Efficient


First and foremost, it is important to clarify that, when it comes to writing content, writers often identify different objectives within the same task:

Objective # 1: Using a readable, easy-to-understand language


Internet users and people in general typically do not read web articles in their entirety—users, in fact, spend up to a minute on average on a particular website—. Coming up with easy-to-read pieces of content provides readers with the information they are looking for, thusly increasing the chances of achieving a more sustained and lasting engagement.

Hemingway App


Hemingway App is a free website where writers can paste the content they have just written, and the app will highlight a variety of things that can be done much better, ranging from complicated sentences, erroneous and confusing vocabulary, to passive phrasing and more.

Objective # 2: Coming up with eye-catching titles using the proper keywords


Writing the body of a particular post is naturally no easy task; however, writers seem to struggle just as much when they try to decide the title of their pieces of content. Figuring out the title is perhaps one of the most mentally demanding tasks when it comes to content writing. The title is responsible for catching the reader’s attention while making the site rank high on the different search engines.

Blog Topic Generator


Blog Topic Generator is a simple app that allows writers to paste the keywords they want to pay special attention to. In turn, the tool will recommend different topics and titles. This one is particularly used for planning chunks of blog posts or coming up with a compelling title without falling victim of an unnecessary thinking.

Objective # 3: Writing genuine and original content


Saying that copying other people’s work is no less than bad would be stating the obvious. Writers—and the different search engines—know that duplicating content is faking an apparent good job. If a particular site seems to feature content that can be found all over the Internet, search engines will counteract against this and will end up penalizing that particular site by making it much more difficult to be found.



This tool allows writers to scan their pieces of content quickly and accurately, thusly finding out whether their text possesses, to some extent, any sort of possible duplication. When it comes to being original, writers cannot be extra careful. With Siteliner, writers and written content developers can check single sentences or specific phrasing to make sure they have not duplicated nor copied someone else’s work.

Objective # 4: Using images to make the post much friendlier


Using images is not writing content per se. Nonetheless, it is a great aid for presenting any sort of written content in a more attractive and friendlier manner. Users and readers who come across chunks of text often feel intimidated by them, which, in turn, causes them to quickly lose interest.



Canva is arguably one of the most magnificent image creation tools. Users can select the image type out of several options. With hundreds of free templates and different backgrounds, images, icons, etc. at hand, writers will never miss out on inspiration.

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Objective # 5: Coming up with content that performs effectively


Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Conversion are two different separate goals in light of the scope of content writing; however, once the proper balance appears between them, the result is web content that performs efficiently, and although there is no tool for that, reading helpful pieces of written content that provide writers with the guidance they need prior to developing an effective piece of written content is definitely something worth doing.