The importance of backlinks and inbound links: 5 tools that live up to their promise

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Genuine, high quality, inbound links are an essential part of web marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to increase both traffic and subsequent sales Since the greater the amount of relevant and highly rated, often conceived as authoritative, links to a particular web page, the greater the potential for experiencing a much higher traffic and a achieving a better ranking in the pages of results irrespective of the search engine.

According to a recent investigation, SEO experts seemed to agree upon the real and vital importance of inbound links in regard to rankings; a staggering 80% of crucial ranking factors involve to some extent inbound links: keywords focused anchor texts coming from external links, external links fame, diversity of sources and, last but not least, trustworthiness. Tracking links to web pages —and even those of the competition— is arguably a primordial part of any search engine optimization strategy, and, fortunately, there is a myriad of both free and paid tools that provide a pretty much self-explanatory approach as to how to effectively manage web pages for SEO purposes. And having highlighted the importance of link building.



We may have already talked about Majestic-SEO; however, truth is, this tool lives up to its promise by allowing users to track important link information for any particular domain, including both their own sites and those of their competition. Majestic-SEO users can access different features such as sub-domains, pages, links, referring domains, images, redirects, etc. By getting acquainted with the ownership of a specific domain, users can acquire a more detailed report that includes authoritative links and their anchor text. With registration, the service for a particular site can be free. Users can, as well, purchase credits to obtain the same aforementioned information about other web pages likes those of their main competitors. Besides, Majestic-SEO offers a daily update feature that provides its users with a daily compilation of new inbound links.

BuzzStream Link Building Tool


This tool focuses on proving users with a more automatic way to carry out redundant and monotonous tasks often found in the relationship building process. It is some sort of a CRM system tailored to link building purposes that even features several applications for both search engine optimizations and PR. By using BuzzStream Link Building, users can carry out various tasks such as find specific contact information, track e-mails and Twitter, manage link prospects, monitor backlinks for anchor texts, no follows, outbound links and banned words, monitor activities, and conversion rates, etc.

The tool is perhaps somewhat robust for link detection and other link management activities. It does allow easy addition of new link opportunities through browsers. Unlike other tools that mostly focus on link detection and acquisition, the CRM feature of BuzzStream and the conversion monitoring report make this tool a must. Although there is a free trial, monthly costs range from almost $30 to $250.

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Raven SEO tool


Raven is, in fact, a whole package of search engine optimization tools that include a link manager that allows users to easily monitor and manage the link status, contacts and those tasks that are inherently related to each link. Raven automatically alerts users should changes have occurred on a particular (active) link, or if the no follows attribute is activated, or if the anchor text changed or even if the link was removed. This package also comes with a link building management functionality and the possibility to import and export in CVS format different reports online. It is not possible, however, to purchase specific features of the package. The cost for the whole package starts at $80 per month.

SoloSEO link building tools


SoloSEO, just like Rave SEO tool, is a compilation of search engine optimization campaign management and execution tools that includes «Link Manager» and «Link Build It!» modules for building and monitoring inbound links to a particular website.

The link manager module comes in handy for discovering links, assessing the strength and degree of quality and tracking progress. It also features a link detection and notification system should a link is deleted. The «Link Build It!» module serves a journal that portrays a compilation of backlink counts, focusing on how is the site being ranked. There is a free trial; however, SoloSEO is amongst the most affordable tools, as it costs just $29 per month for five domains.

Yahoo! Site Explorer


This is a very popular (and free) tool that allows users to analyze and track inbound links for both their sites and those of their competitors. Users can determine the number of pages within a particular domain, explore pages to assess inbound links for each of them, exclude inbound links from the domain and the subdomain and exports results into a TSV format file.