SERPWoo: The all-seeing eye you need to monitor your website

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It is important to be aware of the most popular SEO tools, but having secret weapons under your sleeve may be the factor that allows you to stand out among your competitors. One of those little-known but very effective tools is SERPWoo. This tool not only allows you to monitor keywords (the most used, the most convenient or the ones you should avoid.) This is really a multifunction tool that will change the way you understand SEO.

What makes this tool so special? In order to answer that, it is better to ask: What can you do with SERPWoo? First off, you can be aware of what happens in SERPs in real time, so, you can even monitor keywords at different times of the day, and you may find interesting results in high-traffic moments. Secondly, you can have a broader view of why your niche behaves in the way it does: Why they buy what they are buying, why they don’t visit certain websites, why do they join a trend? Third, SERPWoo lets you realize if your SEO strategies are really working, so you can change your course at any time, without having to wait too long in case you are shooting yourself in the foot. Finally, you can be aware of your online reputation (which, it goes without saying, is a determining factor for optimizing the search results related to your website and even your brand.)

Because SERPWoo is an online tool (and, by the way, you just have to open a free account,) while you are connected to the Internet, the data you need to collect and analyze in order to produce relevant information of your business is available 24/7 and is generated automatically thanks to Google’s algorithms.

Moreover, another aspect that you should pay attention to is the fact that SERPWoo operates practically in automatic mode, which would allow you a tremendous time-saving. This tool monitors your entire niche in real time, perhaps in a better way than any human mind. For example, every time there are updates and improvements of Google, as well as any new in the SERPs, this tool will notify you immediately, without affecting the rest of its processes.

You may not understand the dimensions of it; especially if you ignore that the monitoring process actually covers all Google-indexed websites in more than fifty countries (and in their own languages.) Monitoring a complete niche, ie, all the positioned websites in the top 100 keyword results you are analyzing, it’s really a colossal job. Other people may take ages to perform such a task.

Of course, SERPWoo is not foolproof. One of the flaws that cause users to complain is that, precisely, it is an online tool and the data that you monitor and store remains in the cloud. This, in terms of industrial espionage, is a bit tricky, since any skillful hacker could breach the software security and access to what you are monitoring. However, the chances of this are minimal (based on the fact that we are talking about a not so popular tool.)

On the other hand, SERPWoo only works with the indexed websites of Google, and this could be a disadvantage, considering that some important websites regarding your niche may be indexed in Bing or different technical search engines.

Nevertheless, this SEO tool is useful for beginners. If you want to position yourself in a particular niche (“fast food,” for example) you should be more specific and find a sub-niche (“tacos.”) But that’s not all: You need to know against whom you compete, and who the big boys of your competition are. The novices usually forget this detail. If you do not know all the above, what strategy could you use then? If you study the right theory and learn how to use this tool, you can avoid all those beginner mistakes and work as an expert.

SERPWoo’s keyword finder, when you know where and how to look, will lead you to the results you need to design your strategy, to know what your competition is doing (and if it is successful,) among other things.

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Now, if, on the contrary, you are an expert who already has spent some years in the world of Search Engine Optimization, this tool could also offer you thousands of possibilities that others simply do not have. For example, you could quickly know the actual success of an experiment (let’s say, on your meta tags,) in real time. Before, if you modified any factor of your website, both On-page and/or Off-page, it was really not easy to know whether the good or bad results were a consequence of your strategy or of an element out of your control (for example, a Google update.) Well: That is no longer a headache thanks to SERPWoo.

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