SEOmonitor: Automation was never that efficient

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Metrics are the measures produced by observing and calculating the specific results of a particular activity, which are useful while evaluating if the plans initially mapped corresponded to reality, if they did not, or if the results exceeded the expectations. Thanks to metrics, it is possible to determine with certainty what you got, how you failed and what you can improve. As in any other work, both in digital marketing strategies and when it comes to search online optimization (SEO), it is essential to keep these measurement factors in mind, otherwise, it is very difficult to estimate the efficiency of a strategic plan.

In this post, we will talk about SEOmonitor, an SEO monitoring tool that analyzes the visibility of your website in search engines and social networks through a novel system.It is a low cost, effective and accessible solution that allows you to compare your data with those of your main competitors so that you can build better optimization plans in search engines, and thanks to that, to improve your results.

Although many are aware of the importance of metrics, and they indeed measure them as they can, one of the main problems is that metrics are not necessarily done on companies’ niches. In addition, because of the high number of keywords you have to deal with, it is very difficult to choose the right ones. In many cases, it seems a matter of intuition, which should not be so, of course.

To this extent, it is important to have a tool to speed up your work (hopefully, thanks to automated and reliable processes,) since in the end you just have to analyze the collected results in an Excel file, and then you can evaluate what happened to your SEO plans (and even digital marketing ones.) This is precisely the solution offered by SEOmonitor, and for this reason, this tool is becoming popular among marketing agencies. Thanks to this tool, you can determine which semantic areas have a greater demand for traffic in your business, in order to find and use the most frequently repeated searches in your market or markets.

Specifically, an SEOmonitor function can be tremendously useful for engaging content, articles, keywords or links in a much more specific way: Topic SEO. Thanks to this tool, you can implement different keywords that belong to the same topic, which are not exactly variations of those keywords that you normally use. For example, if we are doing a keyword research on computer chairs, the volume of searches will be so high at one point that you can even leave out thousands of related results from the same subject, which are not exactly ‘computer chairs’ (such as 'chairs’, 'armchairs’, ‘TV chairs,’ etc.)

There are a couple of things that make SEOmonitor one step ahead of other tools in this area. The first thing to note is that this system is, above all, a position monitor, to track the ranking in Google. While it is true that its functions for SEO OnPage improvements are limited, its keywords management is much nimbler than other tools such as Google’s AdWords Keyword Tool. This monitor searches for the Google positions of the country of your choice and is capable of performing geolocalized searches that allow you to collect more specific information as if the search was done from Brussels or Tokyo. Because the information that this tool collects does correspond to actual results, you do not have to lose your head to attain a perfect follow up of the positions you need from different cities of the world.

When adding a project, just typing the domain, SEOmonitor collects all the keywords of different groups, which is a rather tedious task when you use other SEO tools. This one automates this task and allows you to get clear and shareable reports according to the area of the Internet you need, as well as according to the users’ search intentions (Moreover, every time you use SEOmonitor, this system will offer you a real-time report.) Then you can produce reports with the groups of keywords you already have, as secondary projects, which makes the management and further SEO analysis faster with a few hundred keywords.

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What other functions make this tool unique? With SEOmonitor you can check up to four competitors with which to compare your results and thus see how your business is performing in comparison. Like other SEO tools, you can track the performance of the website as a whole, as well as specific keywords in the top three search engines and then compare them with your competitors. You can also analyze your relationship with customers on the most important social networks. Therefore, you will know what your customers are interested in and what they value most. You can also know the score and presence that Google gives your website in key directories to improve your online marketing strategy.

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