Learn how to monitor everything they say about you on the social media

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The importance of permanently monitoring what others are saying about your brand, especially on the social media, not only can prevent you from possible reputation crises but also allows you to know the positive or negative perception of your customers, which affects the increase and decrease of your sales most part of the time. Further than that: The daily monitoring of your online reputation, as well as your digital identity, can also help you to develop new Search Online Optimization and digital marketing strategies. Data converted into information, and subsequently converted into knowledge, is the most valuable asset for any organization today, and this can only be achieved through an adequate monitoring and data collection.

In this post, you will know some free tools that will allow you to monitor what others say about you or your brand on the social media.

If This Then That (IFTTT)


As its name suggests, this tool works in the same that a conditional grammar clause. All you have to do is to indicate a condition as well as an action that will trigger an effect. For example: if I post a picture on Flickr (trigger / this,) post it on my WordPress blog (that.)

In this way, this tool will establish connections between social networks and websites with a simple statement that will later automate new tasks. The triggered actions are the ones that make the magic possible (but it is advisable not to overuse the same actions since your posts will seem to be published by artificial intelligence.)
Now, how can you use this tool to monitor your reputation? Simply by stating that if something is mentioned on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn or any other social network of your choice, the system sends you that information, for example, to your email.

It’s free, handy and easy to use.

Social Mention


This tool is often used to optimize brand positioning in search engines, but it allows you to monitor who is saying something about you, where and when. You can measure the influence of your brand, event or product on blogs, microblogs, social networks, bookmarks and others. It is actually a social media search platform that works with user-generated content across the web in a single flow of information. It works with more than eighty different social networks, among which are the most popular among Internet users. As well as discover what is said about a specific product, service, topic or individual.

With this tool, you can search and analyze in real time the influence of brands, events or issues. The information comes in the form of alerts, like Google Alerts. Also, you can integrate a Widget in your Blog or Website, and create a feed of the mentions and download all the results in a file in Excel.

It is important to note that Social mention is a real-time monitoring tool, that is, that your metrics change constantly.

Social Mention measures influence using four basic parameters. The first is strength: In case your brand is being discussed in social media. The second is feeling: The average mentions, positive, neutral and negative (these are the most useful in terms of your online reputation). The third is passion: The likelihood that people talking about your brand will do it again. Then you have the scope: The number of unique authors that refer to your brand, divided by the total number of mentions.

Image courtesy of mkhmarketing at Flickr.com



This will help you to manage your social network accounts. Perfect for Community Managers and all those people who want to get the most out of social media platforms. You just need to create an account (by simply logging in to Twitter, Facebook or Google, as well as using your email account.)

You just have to add a social network to your account. Thus, you can manage several social networks in one account, which will make things much easier (and save you a lot of time.) To do this, click on “Add Social Network”. You will see a new window in which you can see a list of all the accounts you can integrate, and that’s it. Check this basic tutorial.

Although almost all the tools that allow you to monitor your reputation online help you to automate several processes, this does not mean that you should relax and let these systems do all the work for you. In fact, the only important thing these tools do is to allow you to take care of what they can’t do, and the most relevant task, by the way: to interpret the information that you should collect on a daily basis, and transform it into knowledge. If you do not monitor your reputation online every day (or if no one else in your business does), as well as if no one processes the information collected, you’re really wasting your time.