How to rank like a boss (on more than 100 search engines)

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Getting better rankings on Google and other search engines is one of the tasks that most webmasters are concerned with. For many, achieving better positions in search results is not a matter of vital importance,  while for others it is simply not necessary but essential. Why? Because the best rankings show, first of all, that a web positioning strategy is really working, and that, moreover, the website is on the first page of results. Good rankings can help you to understand which keywords you should boost, and more importantly, which ones can give you better results with less effort.

There are many tools to improve the ranking of your website (some manual, others automatic.) In this post, we will talk about a highly recommended tool: Rank Tracker. This tool has been designed primarily to monitor the positions of your keywords in the results pages of Google and other search engines (at least 100, or even more, by the way.) It is recommended due to its affordable price and its simple operation, which even though it can be used by novices, is also useful for professional fields.

The monitoring of this tool is versatile. You can be aware whether your keywords have risen up or fallen down, and even monitor those rankings in any country or city. If you are located in Long Island, for example, but your niche is far away, in Hong Kong, you only have to know the position of your keywords for the Hong Kong public. This is possible because Rank Tracker supports almost six hundred local and international search engines (not just the most popular ones, such as Google, Bing or Yahoo!) You can also choose between universal, local or thematic searches (to analyze, for example, universal search pages from Google, Bing or Yahoo! that display several contents at once: video, images, maps, books, products, etc.). Besides, you can monitor rankings in one or more local searches.

How do you normally watch your competition? You do not need to hire industrial infiltrators, nor break any rules here. Rank Tracker allows you to monitor the rankings of your competitors from your very own computer. As Sun Tzu quoted in “The Art of War,” you must know the importance of knowing your enemies and watching their movements. Well, with Rank Tracker you can be aware of what your competition is doing at any time, or create keywords competition reports that you can analyze later with your marketing team. Even Rank Tracker keeps a history of your rankings (and your competition’s) which you can access at any time.

Monitoring the evolution of the positioning of your Keywords is paramount to understand which strategies work best in your niche, and which you should avoid at all costs. If you work with clients or, let’s say, you are contesting in a tender, you can even show your progress and justify your work in graphics. Rank Tracker stores the daily, weekly and monthly results of your keywords in a wide range of search engines. In terms of SEO, this information allows you to develop better strategies, or enhance the one you already implemented, in case it is working properly.

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If you have already worked with keywords, you will know how difficult it is to locate them strategically. This task may take you hours and hours in front of your computer screen, looking, checking, searching and choosing (sometimes wrong.) Rank Tracker helps you to position the right website for each keyword. How? You simply have to specify which keywords you need to position in each website.

Not only that: this tool can be very useful for you to choose the best keywords for your projects, and it does it thanks to a complex Keyword Efficiency Index. In order to do it, you just have to authorize the software to connect it with your Google AdWords account, and you can automatically compare the volume of searches for your keywords against your competition’s. Finally, this tool can help you to create or even expand your list of keywords according to those which have been (or are) successful.

One of the most limited resources for any organization is – definitely – time. That is why automation is one of the goals of many companies today. Thanks to the programming of Rank Tracker, you can do multiple tasks, in a very short time and with a minimum error range, which saves you an enormous amount of reprocessing. You can, for instance, check the positions of your Keywords on a daily, weekly or monthly basis in more than a hundred search engines. Also, not less useful, you can automate the sending of emails with the results of the monitoring or upload reports to your website, with a rather professional appearance.

For further information, watch this tutorial and overview.