Brandwatch: how to use social intelligence to increase reputation

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Online reputation management has become essential to gain a leg up on the competition.  Companies are worrying more about having a positive perception on the internet than ever before.  Word of mouth has been replaced by online reputation.  What people post about a company or brand and how they handle themselves will determine how likely a consumer is to call on them to provide them a service.  With this in mind, companies are investing in a number of tools aimed at helping them gain insight into how they are perceived and what steps they can take to boost their online reputation.  Most of these tools are software suites that give a brand valuable information such as mentions, reposts, likes, and comments.  These are all things that can directly affect how positive public perception of a brand truly is.  A company needs all the help it can get nowadays to be a leader in their given industry and online reputation is not something to be taken lightly.  In the past, a company could get away with doing their own thing regarding reputation.  That is not the case anymore

Brandwatch has been around for years and they have become one of the leading social intelligence companies in the world.  They have employed people from all over the world which has helped them design a product that can truly fit anyone anywhere.  Brandwatch helps companies make future decisions based on detailed analysis of data gathered from a plethora of sources from all over the internet.

Learn from other companies’ experiences


Companies often like to take the success of another company within their industry and see how they can use what worked and use it in their own processes.  Brandwatch takes out all the investigative work companies would have to do to get this done by providing its clients with case studies.  These studies provide information on how a given company changed things around to become more successful.

Reports that let you know what’s hot and what’s not


Every industry has its own unique set of variables that help define it.  Once again, Brandwatch makes it easy for a company to know what’s going on in the industry.  They analyze every unique factor that an industry takes into consideration in order to create a report that will help a company understand what they really need to concentrate on to be a player in the industry.  The reports are exceptional at giving insights into what is happening in the social sphere of an industry.  Knowing what is happening on social outlets just might give a company the information they need to make the right decisions that will make its consumers and clients happy as well as bring in new business.

Guides to help you get where you want to go


Every endeavor needs a map to help the traveler get to where they want to go in the less time and with minimal complications.  That’s just what Brandwatch’s guides are.  They will help clients understand just how the software works and how to use it in order to build a successful strategy.  A company can learn how to build an identity for its brand or how to really pay attention to social media to see what’s important and what’s not.  The guides can even help a company build a digital marketing strategy that will allow them to react to what’s going on in real time or how to monitor social media.  Basically, Brandwatch offers guides that will cover the most important factors for a company to make their brand more powerful.

Find out where you stand within your industry


Being top dog is arguably what drives most companies.  With Brandwatch’s Social Index, a company can see where they stand exactly in their industry. Brandwatch provides a social index for 23 of the most common business sectors out there.  In order to score a brand, the social index takes into consideration 5 factors:

  • How much talk is generated on social media

  • How well a brand engages consumers.

  • How much growth a company in a month.

  • How much commentary is being created on communications outlets such as blogs and forums

  • The proportion of negative and positive comments

With these factors, the social index gives a company a score and a really good idea of what they have to do and which factors they need to pay more attention.

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Brandwatch is one of the most complete social intelligence suites out there. Everything the company has put into the software is to make sure the Vizia data analysis platform is as user-friendly as possible.  Brandwatch can definitely help take a brand to the next level of online reputation management and to the top of the industry.