5 tools that will get your Reputation Marketing strategy started

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As the digital world continues to unravel its more intrinsic characteristics, the sheer array of connotations and the full scope of digital marketing and search engine optimization techniques still fight to death claiming to be better than the rest at providing the best (and desired) results.

And since social media usage is becoming increasingly popular with the passing of time, and given the fact that the myriad of digital and online marketing companies have been providing businesses, brands and companies in general with the necessary tools to engage with their customers, the term «online reputation management» has transcended into something different which is being commonly referred to as Online Reputation Marketing. Let’s remember that with any ORM strategy, the most visible downside is that, as a result of company-customer interactions, customers will always be free to publish all kinds of reviews, mentions, complaints and comments that may end up damaging a brand’s image; however, and in an attempt to provide a plausible solution to handle such scenarios, Reputation Marketing has definitely become a great aid, since it allows marketers and business owners to track, monitor and engage online activity, enabling them to directly respond and address negative mentions, thusly increasing the chances for them to turn negative (and potentially damaging) feedback into something they can capitalize on.

Of course, the digital world took notice and came up with several tools for best managing Reputation Marketing strategies, and, as usual, we at ReputationDefender have compiled some of them for our readers to try:



ConsumerAffairs is a tool that has around 5,000 listed brands and more than a million reviews. It provides brands with the opportunity to access advanced features to build a strong reputation, drive traffic and increase revenue. The tool offers both paid and unpaid business plans and is, by all means, a solid aid when it comes to turning customer interactions into a higher flow of revenue.



BazaarVoice is perhaps more suitable for those companies that can afford the luxury of making a much higher investment in marketing tools. BazaarVoice was conceived as a tool for helping companies extend their online marketing value of consumers’ perception to shopping and e-commerce portals, organic and natural search and other channels. BazaarVoice tracks down all kinds of customer reviews, ratings, questions, mentions, answers, etc., and then the tools shares that content on social media and across the Internet.

BBB (Better Business Bureau)


This non-profit group may be recalled by people. Founded in 1912, Better Business Bureau is the stage of consumer reviews: they serve as the bridge between companies and brands and help resolve all kinds of disputes. With over 4 million reviews, the Better Business Bureau website stands out as one of the most popular and trusted consumer sites available. It is definitely something entrepreneurs and people interested in venturing in the area of startups ought to pay special attention to, as the BBB provides them with the opportunity to personally interact with their future and potential customers. The Better Business Bureau also believes that networking is a critical aspect of sustained growth, which is why they offer plenty of networking opportunities at different and convenient prices.

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This is a tremendously powerful solution mostly for e-commerce sites. Customers who make their purchases through the tool always receive a notification via e-mail asking them to review the goods they just purchased or received. It has already been proven that MAP (Mail After Purchase) techniques are a perfect way to get more reviews, and Yotpo is the perfect choice since the request goes directly to the customers. Besides, it is not a secret that black hat search engine optimization techniques have flooded today’s landscape with a plethora of fake reviews, all of which bring more damage than good; Yotpo, on the other hand, automatically and instantly verifies whether the review is legit and genuine.



Public relations are also a key player within the spectrum of digital marketing. Unlike other tools, Cision focuses predominantly on Public Relations and not on consumer reviews and feedback in general. In order to thrive, companies need to make sure that the message they are conveying actually reaches their audience, and, under such premise, Cision provides brands with the necessary brands they need get that message (and information in general) out. It is vital since it represents the opportunity for brands to establish contact with the specialized press, influencers, bloggers who might, otherwise, be hard to reach out to. It is important to remember that the term search engine optimization demands the accurate interaction of different aspects: ORM, Reputation Marketing and, now, PR.