Top Five Wingman Rules

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Summary: What you want in a wing, especially when you're traveling, is the same speciality, energy levels and skills. You want to elevate each other, not be dragged down.

Why Would You Want A Wing

Good wing will help you retain your vibe after blowouts and bad runs. He'll joke with you, help you brush them off and he'll also approach a lot of girls himself which should make you a tiny bit envious.

Great wing will actually push you to do more. He'll notice the IOIs and he will kick you out to go and chat to the girls he know you'd be interested in. He'll always say "yes" when you ask if any given girl was hot enough.

Wing Mismatch

As I've found out there is zero problem when you have different personalities. I'm an introvert, my best wings are all extroverts, no issues there. We just need some time apart doing our own things and then we're all good.

The problem is that you become who you hang out with. So even when you're amped up and ready to roll seeing that your wing does absolutely will drag you down. You can't help it.

Similar issue will arise when you're into daygame and your wing is into nightgame. You can't do both efficiently, you have to choose one. Just like you can't be a good tourist and a good daygamer at the same time.

Top Five Wingman Rules

These are basic rules that are going to make your life easier, especially when you're traveling with a wing:

  1. You're both doing the same type of pick up with the same schedule. If there is a golden hour for daygame - you both exploit it. If you're into clubs - you both focus on nightgame. You don't need to be together 24/7 but spend time actually winging each other.

  1. When your wing approaches you stick around. Do your own sets during that time but stay within the line of sight. It helps with the efficiency of the sessions.

  1. You should never discourage anyone from approaching unless the girl was really ugly and he hasn't seen her face. The more approaches the better.

  1. Synchronize your dating - you'll minimize wasted time. That means try to set up dates roughly at the same time.

  1. Don't be ambitransitive.- If your date flaked and your friend is bouncing a girl home then do not stand in their way by sitting in the apartment in your underwear watching YouTube videos.

You can of course do even more, have challenges, employ additional rules ("if you've looked after her then you have to approach her" is a great one) but you should at the very least agree on those five points before you plan your trip abroad.

Because that can be the difference between doing 10 and 30 sets per day. And when you hit that volume, it’s just a numbers game after all.

Lessons (re)learned:

  • Never let your wing become your crutch. If you aren't able to pick up girls solo then you're not doing it right.

  • Good wing will help you retain your vibe after blowouts and bad runs. Great wing will actually push you to do more. 

  • You become who you hang out with.

  • Have a set of rules so no one ends surprised.

  • If it isn't working for you - you can always split (duh!).