The Hearthstone Box: a 3D Project

 It's all started from small idea to "upgrade" simple wood box to hearthstone one by using top part printed on 3D printer. RaponngoFM (artist) gave me the dimensions of this box and I started to modeling.

I am working in Autodesk Inventor and all modeling I did in this software. It's not best choice for something like this, but it worked fine.

First of all, any production always starting from sketch. In my situation i preferred to use this picture:

 It has taken about 6 hours to create good upper part of the box:

When i finished this work, I understand that i can't stop on this stage. I have to create the full one! Well, it has taken a little bit more time:

At this stage of the work, I understand that "skin" of the box is pretty boring. I am not a designer, but I had some ideas. This is the result:

Well, the 3 d modeling is only one part of the job. After that i started to prepare my model for 3d printing - fixed some parts of model, used meshmixer to repair problem parts of the mesh. It wasn't to easy to print the model - it's always wanted to shrink and get out of the table. Here u can see the stages of printing:

As u can see, in final version box has been printed by parts.

After printing a little bit tooling and it is ready for painting. Here my part is over and RaponngoFM started to work.

If u think that ABS plastic easy to paint like this - you are totally wrong. It has taken about 3-4 days to print like that: