MtG Custom Wooden 720 Cube Box - Innistrad Cube

1:48 AM Amer Bekic 3 Comments

From the OP website: My second custom Cube box. Built for my first Cube commission – set on the horror-infested and monster-besieged plane of Innistrad.


This box was my first commission. I worked with my client to find out the general needs for the cube itself and then we discussed theme. All I needed to hear was “Innistrad.” The concept was easy from there: create a magical relic from the plane. A chest that was clawed at, beaten and weathered on the outside as the undesirables of Innistrad assaulted it trying to abscond its contents; and pristine on the inside as though it must have been protected by Avacyn.


This Innistrad Cube was a blast to create. The box was built, distressed, stained, distressed some more, laser engraved, and stained again. While the stained dried I started painting the hardware. I gold leafed the inside lid and glow clear coated three times. Once dry I added the hardware and stained again. A few more layers of faux painting and aging, a UV sensitive layer added to the symbol of Avacyn on the inside, and I final protective clear cut finished the job.


A wooden box with custom slots for dividers, brass hardware, and gold leaf interior.



  1. Beautiful! How much did something like this cost? I only ask because I have an Innistrad Plane Draft Cube that needs a proper permanent home. Something like this (albeit larger) would be perfect. :)

    1. You can ask OP on this address;