6 Rules of Success

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When I was at my low point lads, I would listen to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 6 Rules of Success every morning. It would motivate the fuck out of me to be productive and be successful. I don’t give a thing if you don’t like Arnold as a politician, person, etc. The fact is the man came from humble beginnings and became a larger than life figure, a Governor, and had a physique that every dude on here wishes to obtain. Here’s his rules of success and how they can help you on your journey.

  • Trust Yourself
When you trust yourself, you present yourself as being confident with your decisions. Regardless if the decision works out in your favour, you take the first step to make something happen. If you feel like the decision is going to make you happy, successful or whatever it may be, you need to take the first step to make it happen. When you make that decision, you need to trust yourself by following through with it. If you want to be a painter, be the best painter you can be. If you want to flip burgers for a living, flip those burgers like a champ. If you want to go to school for X, Y or Z, just get off your as@s and enroll.

When using this in context, when you start hitting the gym because you want a better body. Maybe its because you want to be more attractive to females or because you want to be a healthier person or you’re training for a new sport, etc. Regardless, when you’re in the gym, be confident when you’re just starting out. Nobody gives a thing that you’re benching 95 pounds to start, or that you can only handle walking on the treadmill for 5 minutes. Trust yourself with your decision to get in shape, because you know that it is the right thing to do.

You cannot climb the ladder of success with your hands in your pockets

  • Break the Rules 

We are brought up all our lives to conform to the exact rules of society. This DOES NOT mean break the law, but break the rules or constraints which you’ve placed on yourself. If your company has a policy that you need to be there for 5 years to get a promotion, get that promotion in 2 years because you’re the best person for that position. Just because you weren’t dealt the best hand in life, does not mean you must be content working a bad job, rocking a beer gut, your ugly S.O and content with mediocrity. Rise above it, break through your self imposed restraints and be successful.

As a community, we have rejected ideologies which are portrayed in mainstream media as being a healthy relationship.

The only way you can stand out is by breaking some of the rules

  • Don’t Be Afraid to Fail
Often we won’t take the first step because the fear of the unknown. We will never attempt something new because of the possibility that we’re going to fail. Failure needs to be a tough love figure in your life that will teach you more than anything you will ever read on here. You can read all the side bar material you want, until you go and apply in the real world, you will never truly learn about yourself and more importantly how to improve.

Most of people here suffer from approach anxiety for example. Gentleman, the worst she can do is say no. If she says no, you move on with your night, debrief when you get home, see where you messing up, adjust and go from there. It’s a learning experience you must embrace.

You cannot be paralyzed by fear of failure or you will never push yourself

  • Ignore the Naysayers
There will be people doubting your decisions in life every step of the way, regardless of what you do. You may feel that you want to be a professional soccer player, while your entire family are police officers. Your friends, family, girlfriend, etc. might try to steer you off the path of your vision and deter you from what makes you happy. Channel that negativity, let it fuel the fire you have within you to become successful. If you’re on the path to success people will tempt you to drag your ass back down. If you’re a recovering addict, old friends will contact you wanting to party. If you’re trying to get your weight under control, people will tempt you with shit foods. If you’re training for a marathon, you will be tempted to take the night off training, to go drinking.

If you have a bad ex girlfirend/wife and she used you as a beta provider, you best believe she will use love to try and get back in your life.

If I had listened to myself and said, yes you can

  • Work Like Hell
The only regret you do not want to have when trying to accomplish your goal is that you didn’t work hard enough. Hard work is the cement that hold your house of success together. There’s 24 hours in a day, make the most of the time you have available. If you only have between 5-7am to get your workout in, guess who’s going to start being an early bird? If you only have Saturdays available to get your side business going, you’re going to have to start working on Saturdays. Instead around watching some re-run of some lame a@ss show you saw two years ago after work, read a book, go outside, be productive.

This is one aspect which a lot of newbies do not understand it requires hard work. There is no 20-minute short cut to get great abs, there’s no quick solution to establish a decent career, there’s no short cut to crushing the SAT/LSAT/GMAT. There’s no shortcut to hard work, those who fake it will eventually fail.

No one has ever been successful without working hard

  • Give Something Back
Reaching out and helping others will bring you more joy and satisfaction than anything you can do for yourself. When you volunteer, you are making an actual contribution to your community, give your most valuable asset, your time to an organization or to a movement which is bigger than yourself.

The discusses how to improve yourself, take that a step further and see how you can improve your community through your own actions. It could be the missing link between you existing and truly living your life. My personal volunteer experience has introduced me to people I otherwise wouldn’t have met, set me up for possibilities that wouldn’t have been possible and allowed me to help people that I didn’t know existed.

Do something for your community, your state, your country. Give something back