1/6 scale Pip-Boy - Fallout 4

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 Final Display

 Display Stand Process

Discreetly houses the switch and 3V Cell Battery

Pip-Boy Process 2/2

Luckily my favorite filament is a bright yellow. I hollowed out the print with a micro-bit then glued the "bulbs" to the shell, leaving the LEDs to rest behind them.

 Pip-Boy Process 1/2

Print, Sand, Fill, Prime, Sand again, Prime, Paint.


Storage Box Process

Sliced up and modified in 3DSmax to fit my dimensions

Most parts printed with my Prusa i3 mk2 3D printer.

Models used and modified:- Storage Container by TJjohn12 

pip-boy 3000 mkIV by Daniel Lilygreen

Build list: 

-XTC 3D Smooth-On product-

Most parts were covered in this after a rough pass. I used small amounts of acetone to thin down the mixture to keep smaller details.

-Vallejo Surface Primer- 

Mostly for super smooth parts. Like the screen bezel and connector port. Not the best primer for paint adhesion. Use a promoter afterwards.

 -Rust-Oleum Filler Primer- 

I used this for everything else. Shot dry for areas with heavy corrosion. Sanded to different smoothness for corresponding real world texture.

-Tamiya Putty Grey-

Thinned down in most cases with Lacquer thinner. Used to fill gaps and hard to reach areas with heavy print lines. -Liquitex Acrylics- -Vallejo Airbrush Paint-

-Vallejo Model Paint-

-Crappy Wal-mart Acrylics-

-Design Master Clear Finish Matte Varnish-

For protecting that precious base paint layer before weathering and after to seal it all up.


Scale of the Pip-Boy was designed to be worn by my Sole Survivor character: Isaac 

As you can see, he's a big dude. So the dimensions were made to fit his height and my art style.