Villains In Our Life

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Being able to think is what separates us from remaining creatures on this planet. Unlike remaining creatures, our actions are based on our thoughts and sometimes our actions are based on our thoughts.

If any action gets accomplished, there will be three elements behind it.

(Karta). The person who does the action
(Karma). The action itself and its bounded ramification.
(Kriya). The type of action performed / work done.

Karma plays very important role in our life. Because which ever action we do, there will be a result of that. The result may vary with time or intensity.


If you put your finger in a current passing electric board, you will get shock. Here the result is instant. The company where in you work if you gossip about your team leader to your colleague who you assume as your friend, may report that to your team leader adding his own masala, which may effect your salary hike. You don't know why you didn't get appropriate hike. In this case the result is not instant and the cause of the result is not known to you. But if you do some work, you will have to face the consequence.

Now let's dig a bit more.

Before one commits any action, the karta (the doer) will have a desire to do that action. The desire is came from a thought generated in his mind attached with an emotion. So, it is the whole process of making a thought into result. Consequently, the effect will also gets amplified as a single thought passes various stages. As the thought gets strongly generated and an emotion gets attached to it you will engage yourself more into that. So, if you want the result of the action, work towards it, if not, then control yourself when the thought comes. Simple as that.

So, you can do karma in three ways:

(Manasaa). By thought or by will. You may think to build an education startup which facilitates video classroom lessons in regional language for students studying in govt schools or you may think to kill someone for who your gf dumped you.

(Vaacha). By your voice. You may save a person from committing suicide by explaning the value of life or you may abuse somebody.
(Karmana). By your action. You can kill a small insect just for sake of fun or you may inspire your friend to hurt his neighbor just because he is more clever than him or you may donate your last semester books to a poor student.

Whichever way you do, it has an effect little or more. If it's more (i.e.,its by action) then you have to face the result. But if it's less and you recognized that the result will harm you then you may control it. (By mansaa, vaacha). Sometimes, you cannot take back your word, by the time you want to, the action could've been done already. So, the only option you left with is by manasaa (By your conscience/thought). This is the basic idea of realizing the importance of thought. So, what you think is what you say and what you say is what you do. In other words, you thoughts determine your actions and vice versa.

In this Indian culture, we've identified six characteristics / thoughts of emotions, could produce adverse effects if enough care is not being taken. There are called  (group of six villians) which are present inherently in our bodies.

1. Kaama - Lust

Those who crave with lust won't feel shame or fear. They have no control over what they are doing.

We are living in a world where the physical things are celebrated more. Even if we don't want it, the content of obscenity is right in front of us. If you involve yourself into this then this will freeze your mind and ruin your life. When you are young and capable, you may think this is highest form of happiness you could experience with your body, but later on, you will end up with misery because physicality won't last forever. Do not let it grow into your mind more than needed.


You will start thinking that every living body around you is only for you and you won't give a damn that there is a life within them.
Your thoughts will conquer your mind and want to experience pleasure even though its not demanded by your body .
You cannot do anything else your spiritual energy will go down, your memory power will decrease and start to feel drowsy.

How to deal with it:

Try to avoid the unnecessary content as much as possible. Stay away from it.
Understand that every creature in this world has gifted with the ability to reproduce. Pleasure is not the goal for two bodies to meet. It's just a byproduct. The offspring is the main intention of two parents to come together.

2. Krodha - excessive Anger.

The best man will get anger for just a second and becomes cool. In an average man, anger will last up to approx 1 hour. Below average man will have anger up to one day. A worse man will remember what has done to him until his death and will take revenge. This man don't even know how to forget.

Getting angry is necessary to make certain things happen. But it has its own limitations. When somebody try to betray you and you know whats happening, you get feeling of anger and question him. If a public service does a fraud you have to get angry and question them, if needed fight legally to get the right things done.

But if you excite yourself for every small thing in your life and get angry every time on people around you then that would ruin your life and you will be left with nobody.


You will find that the people around you are meant to be annoyed by you all the time and you cannot talk nice.
Sometimes unable to control your anger you will show your emotion on your family members.
You will be reluctant to listen.

How to deal with it:

Meditation is a great medicine. Try to think before you act. Realize that you have no right to hurt others. Getting excite yourself won't lead to solution of your problem.

3. Lobha - Greed /covetousness

Greed causes anger. Greed causes excessive desire. Greed causes illusion and chaos. Greed is the reason for all sins.

Greed is necessary to get somethings in life. Greed while you doing business, or negotiating while buying or selling something - iam not talking about this greed. This much greed will always be there.

But if you won't control it there, it will conquer you and make you to do anything to get your part. You may come to know about people who kill someone for their property. This excessive greed is not at all good.

How to deal with it:

He is a true scholar who sees other women as his mothers, others wealth as piece of grass (of no value), other creatures as himself (and not cause any kind of hurt).

This planet is a home for lot of creatures along with us. You cannot have everything. Instead, try to donate or give away something. You will awake inner happiness.

4. Moha - Addiction / strong attachment

Fascination, love, likes these are things in life which will make us happy. But if you take them too seriously then they will take you to another level of "not able to live without them", then you will become unknowingly addicted to them and you can't see anything.

The thing about moha is it starts with love/fascination /strong like and transforms into a monster.

You can see many stories of kings who ruined their life by getting addicted to women, drugs etc.

Addiction can be anything. Facebook, a beautiful girl or handsome boy, drugs, alcohol, cigar etc. This addiction will spread like a huge tree and eat up from inside.
Even if you get into that, it is easy to get out of it in the initial days. Once it roots strongly in you, you cannot come out of that.

How to deal with it:

Stay away from what's not good for you. Friends who encourage you to step for sake of fun, say no boldly. Life is about to prosper, not to suffer.

5. Mada - Pride/Identity

Every person will be selfish upto certain level. Every person will feel great about oneself and take pride of what they've accomplished, and take it as a boost to do excellent thing sin the future. But if you take yourself as the master and remaining others are nothing infront of you then you will have no value of life.

This mada starts as confidence and if not controlled properly, transforms itself into strong pride and you will be reluctant to listen to others. So you will feel yourself as god. This fog will cover your intelligence and eventually you stop learning. This is of several types.

(Vidyaamada). Pride of wisdom/knowledge. You may see some scholars who have excellent talent and knowledge won't be reachable to other people. They think of themselves as masters. It won't help anybody and their wisdom will be good for nothing.
Dhanamada. Pride of riches. Rich people showing their status, leading luxurious life. These people will treat poor as slaves and imagine themselves as kings. If their money is gone one day, they will be of no value.
Padavimada. Pride of position. Leaders and people who has power showing pride. Once they fall off, they will know the value.

How to deal with it:
Understand the difference between confidence and over pride. Learn to appreciate small things. Be nice to people.

6. Maatsarya - Envy/ Jealousy

We tend to compare ourselves with others. We try to lead our life better than others. This comparison is good for growth.

But when you see others getting things that you cannot get, you will eventually hate themselves even though they didn't do any harm to you. You will do anything to destroy them. This feeling will freeze your intelligence and you can't see anything except their failure.

Mahabharata is a great example how an entire clan was destroyed just because of this jealousy.

How to deal with it:

Learn to appreciate what you have. Always be satisfied with what you have. There are many people who doesn't even get proper diet in this planet and suffer from deadly diseases. You need to be grateful . If you want something strongly, fight for it instead of turning yourself into this filth and suffer.


Our thoughts will decide who we are and our character. Our character decides what we do. And what we do will decide what we get. If we pay enough attention to that we will experience victory of our own self, because that is the most dangerous villain in our life.

Shankaracharya said:

The inner evils called Kaama, krodha , lobha moha , mada and matsara will stay within you and can wake up anytime to steal precious stone called your wisdom and freeze your mind. So always be careful, be careful.