Tips To Make Your Life More Joyful, Successful And Fruitful.

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Life is a beautiful when you understand yourself and the world. You can discover life all by yourself after spending a lifetime or by learning from those who have seen the life from close distance and learned the rules of the game after much pain and deliberation. 
Here are a few tips to make your life more joyful, successful and fruitful.  
1: Compete with Yourself
We are trained to compete with others and become better than them in all fields of life. We are thus frustrated throughout our lives because there is always someone better than us in every aspect of our life. Instead, learn to compete only with yourself by making yourself better than what you had ever been in the past.  When you better yourself every day, you become the best someday.
2: Lead a Balanced Life
We try to achieve the best of something we love and desire, and in the process we lose so many things of life.  People lose health for making wealth, and then lose wealth to get back health. People lose family life due to their pursuit of success and then they are left with nothing when they fail professionally. You must try to balance all your priorities of life just as you take balanced diet for your healthy body.
3: Be Faithful
Grass is always greener from the other side of the land. We are always attracted towards something which we don’t have, while not appreciating the value of that which we have. We don’t understand the power of trust and faith, unless we lose it. Don’t be unfaithful to your spouse or profession because you can never get the trust back, once you lose it. 
4: You Reap What You Sow
The good ends can never be achieved by evil means. You reap what you have sown. The laws of karma are immutable and eternal. However, there is a time-gap between when you sow and when you reap. When you do evil things and not punished immediately, you feel that you have fooled the world. Don’t be surprised when you have to suffer for it much later and then you ask ‘why me?’ Instead do good things and soon you will reap all good fruits.
5: World Gives You Back 
The world gives back to you what you gave to it. Never give to the world what you don’t want for you. You don’t get the return from the same person whom you give because the world is like an organism where everyone is connected with each other. The way you treat one person, other people treat you in the same way. Don’t be rude to others, else you will find other people rude to you. If you hate the world, the world will hate you back. Why not give love to the world to get love back? Why not help the world to be helped back in return?
6: Money is Not Everything
If you feel that you will be happy once you have lots of money, you will be unhappy till the last day of your life. Money is like food. You can’t live without food, but you consume it in excess, instead of making you healthy, it becomes the source of all types of diseases.  Don’t be a slave of money. You don’t live to eat, but eat only to live. Find the higher purpose to live life and money just a means to achieve that greater purpose of life. 
7: Acquire Self-Knowledge 
All the knowledge of the world is useless you have known yourself.  You are a unique person in the world. No person had ever been born like you, nor will any be born in future. You can’t know yourself reading all the books of the world. You better understand yourself by knowing what you like and dislike, what you love and hate, what you wish to become in life and so on. Only when you will know yourself, you can ever hope to be happy and successful in your life. 
8: Respect Traditions
People often feel that traditions have no meaning in the modern world. Just because you can’t know the purpose of the tradition, it does not become purposeless. Traditions connect the people of different shades and give continuity in our lives.  Traditions connect the present with the past and the future. We develop shared values with each other only due to traditions. But for these shared values, life would be chaotic and painful.
9: Be the Change
We as well as our world are in the constant state of flux. All living things are changing and hence it is unwise to stick to anything in life or refusing to change with time. Even traditions are undergoing slow changes. Instead of resisting the change, become an agent of change. Welcome the change and then you will never be concerned about the future, as you are always prepared for it.
10: Mind you Company
It is wisely said that a man is known by the company he keeps. We are influenced by the people who are close to us. It is important to avoid the company of negative, pessimist and unhappy people and chose the company of people who are positive, optimistic and happy. We give to others what we have and other lack. When we spend time with negative people, we are drained of our positive energies and subsumed by their negativity. 
11: Practise the Tips 
All knowledge means nothing unless you start using it in your own life. All the tips of the world can’t make you a better person, unless you start following these tips in your own life. When you follow a new piece of knowledge, you become a new person. You are transformed because you see a different world by following a new path of life. Your life becomes richer, happier and fuller when you experiment with life and try different things. If something does not work for you, you can always discard it for another thing till you find something that work for you.