Tian Mingjian

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Recently the CCP made changes to its long term one-child policy in China, raising great attentions and debates on this issue around the world, among which some still believed the past policy was necessary for Chinese economic development and they didn't think it was a reckless violation  of human rights.

Therefore I have to tell this story to challenge their belief, as to prove the one-child policy and the forceful enforcement of it was absolutely one of the most vicious policies in the history which brought disastrous results to Chinese individuals and society.

Our protagonist was named Tian Mingjian, who came from rural area in Henan Province China, and was a lieutenant as a company deputy commander of 12th Regiment, which belonged to the 3rd Division of Beijing Garrison Command(北京卫戍区) responsible for maintenance of order and security in Beijing.

Tian's army located at Tongxian, which was among suburbs of Beijing. Tian as a young man from rural areas, was intelligent and diligent as he knew only good military performance and achievement could ensure his climbing over the hierarchy within the military. Tian used to be trained in Xi'an Military Academy which was a reward for those outstanding soldiers of PLA, the experience of which ensured his outstanding military skills among peers, in particular marksmanship. Then Tian was promoted to be staff officer of HQ in his regiment, winning the superior's favors and strong connection with other key officers. Therefore many soldiers asked Tian to do favor for them under occasions like promotion or assignment, and paid bribery to Tian accordingly. However, once there was a soldier who paid Tian and asked him to do a favor, Tian failed to give this soldier good news later. This soldier exposed Tian and Tian was demoted to the company and held the incumbent position of deputy commander which was in charge of administration work of the company. Then when a solider asked for leave to return home, Tian disapproved the application, which fell into an argument with this soldier. The furious Tian beat this solider, which resulted in his suspension of post. The suspension raised the tension between Tian and his superiors in battalion and regiment, who gave Tia  further punishment and threatened to dismiss Tian from the army if he did  not repent.

At the same time,  Tian used to have a daughter in hometown, but he preferred to have a son like other Chinese peasants. When Tian was punished his wife was pregnant and Tian covered the facts due to strict enforcement of one-child policy in PLA.  After Tian was punished , the political department of Tian's regiment inspected Tian's family letters according to the customs. When they knew Tian's wife was pregnant, they notified the local family plan authority, which sent staff to force Tian's wife to have an abortion . As Tian's wife had been pregnant for near 7 months, not only the child was aborted, but also the poor woman bled to death. When Tian knew the death of both his wife and incoming son, he was both frustrated and furious.

As according to the PLA's practice, those who were punished did not need to transfer his work before the publication of official punishment and join the military exercise either. At night of Sept 19th, Tian invited the guardian of arsenal for dinner  and borrowed the key. Then Tian took a newly equipped 81 style rifle and  6 cartridge holders full of bullets from the arsenal, hiding the rifle under the long chairs near the parade platform.  After that Tian informed several fellow townsmen the next day when he said Lie Down during the military exercise they shall lie down immediately(these fellow townsmen were all punished aftermath as they did not report the abnormalities to their superiors immediately)

 Tian's rifle

In the morning of  Sept 20th 1994, when his company was in military exercise, Tian stood by like other soldiers who did not need to join due to sickness, leave or transfer. When the commissar of the regiment came to inspect, Tian cried Lie Down and took the rifle to fire randomly, the commissar ,3 other officers and 19 soldiers were killed on the spot. When the camp fell into chaos, Tian ran to the main road and hijacked a jeep to go straight to Tiananmen Square at which the CCP's Central Government Zhongnanhai located.  When the jeep arrived at Jianguomen Flyover, there were red lights at the crossroad. The driver drove the jeep to hit the tree nearby and escape. Tian killed the driver by one shot and fired at the minivan taxi, pedestrians and buildings nearby, several of them were killed on the spot.

Among the victims were Youssef Mohammad,an Iranian diplomat and his 9 years son as the crime scene was near the Embassy Area. As it was happening under the building at which Canadian Diplomatic Departments located, Canadian reporters were lucky enough to take precious video the gun fight before the CCP banned satellite broadcasting of the accident by both international and domestic stations.

First the police came, although they outnumbered Tian, they were suppressed by Tian's superior firepower and military skills. One SWAT member was hit by the head and seriously wounded, and became vegetative patient later. Additionally there were 7 policemen got killed during the gun fight.

The SWAT member's helmet

Then more than one thousand more well trained military policemen(most of them were transferred from field army like Tian) surrounded the area. Tian had to retreat to a space area near Yabao Road. After almost exhausting the 200 bullets brought by him, Tian used short range fixed fire to suppress those military police trying to combat in short range. It was only with the snipers from the army who shot from Tian's back at the high buildings in the Embassy Area that ended the bloody gun fight.

As this accident was a total scandal resulted from an evil policy and unjustified treatment which severely tarnished CCP's image,  the reports of this accident and the aftermath were completely banned in Chinese media. As time went by, it was almost eradicated from Chinese memory. Today before I tell you it is a true story actually happened, most people should have believe it is a unlikely story which only happened in movies or novels.

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