There is no path to happiness, Happiness itself is the path!

11:53 PM Amer Bekic 0 Comments

  • I have learnt that life is a journey with both ups and downs. Earlier I was not ready for BAD days, but now, it is totally different. I feel without sorrows, I might be unable to welcome and accept the happiness thereafter. Sometimes, happiness after a prolonged disturbance is what you need. It is totally different from a normal happy moment.

  • I do not waste my time in doing things which brings in negativity to my life. Instead, I now prefer walking and talking with the dreamers, believers, courageous, ones who are very cheerful, the planners and successful people. Please note - Do not go by the dictionary meaning of SUCCESS! A green grocer in the market is also leading a successful life, just that - our paths and way of thinking is different. 

  • Now, I do  not believe in remaining silent. I think its my time to blossom and not remain tight in the bud. The latter seems more painful. 

  • I don't feel complete if my day isn't full of twists and turns. Oh come on, are we on the right path if life gets too easy to travel? So I am just glad to have them in life!

  • Earlier my life was complex and worrisome! But now, I choose the right words, right people, get my manners and motives very clear and stand by what I feel and say. In short, Uncertainty - Bye Bye!!

  • Best thing is - I have stopped blaming GOD! I tell to myself - Oh dear, God showed me the right path long back. I wasn't smart enough to understand his message and did not move my butt. Instead was under the impression that my path is right. Wrong Wrong!!

  • I have learnt to make better decisions. I encountered this situation twice in my life. I was invited for my friends birthday party (someone close to me). Same time, same day - I had promised to spend some time with my mother. The very first time, I some how convinced my mother ( who was disheartened) and fled to the party. But the second time ( more mature in my decisions ) , I simply decided to spend time with mumma. I now regret my earlier decision. Time spent with mumma was better than the loud party time. Yes!! I mean it. Now only mumma time!

I feel everybody has a right to choose their own path. Its right for them. My path is different, doesn't mean they are wrong. WORLD is made round, may be I am destined to meet many cheerful people who are on their way to happiness.

I have this ONE human life. I am not sure if I get to become a cockroach, a bird, a lion or say anything in my next life wherein I don't get to make many decisions. Living only once and doing it RIGHT is ENOUGH!

I am trying to be a person with my heads in the clouds and feet on the ground. Not my body ABOVE the clouds. And trust me, this thinking is helping me! :)

I love the things I do and thus, I feel its great work!
Anything which purifies me and makes me smile is an indication that I am on the right path. If not started the walk, I have the content that I am at least facing towards the right path. I will surely push myself happily to start and enjoy the journey.

Lastly, I have deleted my Facebook account. Any day, bringing your ideas out by writing better things, or I would rather say - writing makes me feel that I am talking to myself and feel very amazing about it. Any day, this is better than liking, poking, and commenting on others life.

My decision, My path - trying to make the rest of my life MEMORABLE and not AVERAGE!!