Some Life Tips

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  • Turn on interior lights when you are away in the evenings. Make sure that your main entrances, porches and front walkways are well-lit. Criminals generally chose homes that are in dark or poorly lit areas; it is because there they can easily do their work without being noticed. Same rule apply for parking. Park your car in a well lit area and no one will ever dare to touch it. 
  • Also, criminals are less likely to attempt to break in if they think that people are around. That's why you should leave some lights or the TV on. If you're staying in a hotel room, try placing the "do not disturb" sign on door so it looks like you’re in there, even when you're not. 
  • Be aware of your surroundings while using ATM. If the machine is poorly lit, or is in a hidden area, use another location. And never count your cash while standing at the ATM. 
  • Always keep the grass and bushes trimmed that are right in front of your windows and doors. They can provide a shield or hiding place for criminals to work without being seen.  Also trim the branches of trees that can be used as by the criminals to climb up to your second floor windows. 
  • If you can see your own vehicle in rear view mirror, then it means that they are positioned incorrectly. Mirrors should be positioned in such a way that no part of your car appears in them. This is necessary to cancel out the blind spots.  
  • If you're travelling with a companion, make sure each of you has some cash and a credit card on hand in case you're split up or one of you is robbed. If you're alone, keep a backup credit or debit card in a separate pouch from the one you'll be using most often. 
  • If you suspect that you are being followed while driving, take four consecutive left or right turns. If the vehicle is still behind you then it’s time to call the police. Don't panic and don't start speeding.
  • Instead of speeding, slow down if you are at some crowded place. Slow people and vehicles are hard to tail, and risk the exposure of the operative, because they now have to stay near the target. 
  • Keep your car keys near your bed at night. In case an intruder break into your house, you can set off the car alarm. In most cases this should be enough to scare away the intruder.
  • Don’t think that keeping your wallet in front pocket will make it safe from pickpockets. Experienced pickpockets can easily steel your purse, even from front pockets. Instead use money belts that can conceal under your clothing. And try to leave most of your cash at home or hotel.
  • Be cautious of strangers starting up a conversation with you, asking for directions, or showing something to you. They are likely creating a diversion so they can pickpocket you. 
  • If you have to kick down the door during an emergency, don’t use your shoulder. Instead kick it near the keyhole or latch with your heal. Also keep in mind that you can never kick down a door which open towards you. 
  • When booking flights and hotels online, enable private browsing. This may sound strange, but travel sites often track your visits and will raise the price simply because you’ve visited before. 
  • Always scan your passport, driver's license, and personal identification and save it in your smartphone. This way, you'll always have it on hand worst even if the real documents get lost.