Positive Change

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Here are a few which have helped bring a positive change in my life:

Smile a lot, be compassionate and respect people

I mean it. It may seem trivial but it is not. I am not a very happy cheerful fellow. I have my lows and can be downright depressed sometimes. But whenever I meet a new person, talk to someone I make it a point to smile nowadays.

Imagine going to a Tea stall run by an old lady. She probably is already having a hard time with her life. There is no need for me to be morose when I am around her. Whenever I go to buy something, even talk to people who don't play an active part in my life I always put up my best cheerful self. It is my small way of spreading happiness in the world. I like to chat for sometime too. Ask how they are and what is going on in their lives.

Most of the people I know automatically smile  when they see me. If I am in a really bad mood too after spending hours debugging some code I feel happy after that. Even if it may seem a bit fake to some people this has made a lot of impact in my life.

Added bonus: I always get my food before most people in frequently visited joints. I rarely have to bargain. Most people give me a good deal. They don't try to rip me off.  Me, including my 3 other friends stayed as a guest of honor for 2-3 days in a Hotel in Bhutan. All because I went out my way to help the owner with some IT work.

Remove mobile internet

This was another experiment/ lifestyle change I doubted I could ever pull off. I mean I am just like any other guy. I love being with people. I would constantly get pings from other people and spend sometimes hours chatting. But I knew it was taking a lot of time which could be spent on doing things which actually matter.

I started small. Removed WhatAapp. The twang twang sound of new notifications was something I missed at first. Slowly and slowly I grew out of it. I no longer had to wait for people to reply to me. I would talk with people when I was free and not because I was bored. I removed FB messenger after that. I have always been on and off facebook. So it was not something difficult.

Then I did it one day. I did not recharge after my pack ended. I am off mobile net since the last 2-3 months. I can't tell you how much it has changed my life.

You enjoy the moments even more when you don't keep taking irritating pictures, tag people and announce the world you are having a good time.

I used to spend a lot of time reading about acquisitions on Hacker News, linked in headlines, Flipboard, my own news feed, mails and feed from blogs I follow. I do that now too. But on my home wi fi late at night when I am done with all my work.
I don't have to feel guilty about not replying to people on different chat messengers like earlier. Nor I have to go through tons of useless group notifications which don't add any value to my life.
I have installed Aldiko Ebook Reader instead and whenever I get time I read books on that.

Meet new people whenever and where ever you can

I realized the importance of networking when I was in college. Before that I was this Howard Roark figure from Fountainhead who thought that he would manage to survive without needing the help of anyone. I was too sure of myself. But I changed this approach in college. There I never shied away from meeting new people there and as my life has progressed I have understood the importance of human relationships.

My first job offer was rescinded because I did not join as per the date mentioned on the offer letter.

A friend from college let me stay in his house as I sorted out my shit.

Next day I was in the office of one of the biggest start ups to come out of my college and on the way to meet the co founders a few days later courtesy to another senior.

Another senior who was in some club with me fought with the HR Vice President of the company where I was supposed to join earlier and got my job back.

But again my joining date was postponed. I stayed with a friend from school days for 2 weeks.

During this turmoil period people from my life showed up when I needed them the most. I will forever be grateful for that.

People matter. A lot.