Make Each Moment Of 2016 The Best Yet!

1:15 AM Amer Bekic 0 Comments

A new year brings with it the possibility of a new you. In reality, you are always changing, never the same as you were even a second ago. However, with the end of the holidays and New Years celebrations, you have a fresh pallet from which to paint. Many people use early January to remove unhealthy things from their life—potatoes chips, in my case. Others try to add positive habits like exercise. While all of these behaviors can be beneficial, many people struggle to incorporate these temporary changes into a long-term lifestyle. 
To hold myself accountable for my 2016 goals, I will share my list of life tips. These guidelines are specific to me based on where I’m at and what I would like to accomplish, but you may find them helpful too. I hope that as you read, you become inspired to write your own life tips and goals for 2016.
1. Continue practicing what you preach. The year of 2015 brought many changes, not the least of which was an insight about following my own advice. I found myself seeking a relationship with a guru because I wanted to deepen my spiritual awareness. For many weeks I contemplated finding the right person to aid my development. I decided to enter therapy because, as a psychologist in training and licensed counselor, I recommend therapy to everyone. I believe that it can benefit all people regardless of their level of functioning, and my own experience reinforced that truth. I came to the realization that I am my own guru, and I need to listen to myself. In 2016, I want to continue following my own recommendations so that I can embody my teachings. 
2. Develop better balance. Last year I did a better job at balancing than ever before. This year, I want to continue the upward trend. This means continuing regular meditation, exercise, and maintaining a consistent sleep schedule. I would like to swap brown rice for potato chips and continue refining my diet. Scheduling down time on Sundays has been helpful, and even though I feel unproductive in the moment, it has helped me stay physically, mentally, and emotionally healthier than in the past. 
3. Increase your creative outlets. Prioritizing time to write helps me externalize my thoughts and feelings, which generates more room for self-growth. Self-care that includes creativity is important for me because I enjoy being creative and desire to share more of myself with the world. I know that completing my website and becoming published are tangible goals this year. So while these creative outlets will be fun and helpful, I know that it will also contribute to my professional development. 
4. Grind 5% harder each day. In order to achieve my goals of maintaining a high GPA, refining my work at internship, and increasing my creativity, I need better productivity. There’s no need to add too much too fast. The reason people fail their new goals is because they add too much at one time. I know that if I increase my productivity and focus a small percentage each year, then I will have sustainable long-term growth. Each day I get stronger and build the foundation for tomorrow.
5. Cultivate your presence. Each year I notice a deepening in my awareness. Last year I consistently read from my favorite spiritual masters and meditated, which accelerated my growth. This year I would like to do more yoga and energy work. I would like to seek out experiential opportunities and meet other healers. I know that if I surround myself with the right people and continue my practice, I will continue to deepen my presence. 
6. Continue practicing gratitude. For several weeks now, I’ve focused on expressing my gratitude for all of the amazing experiences in my life. While I do this throughout the day by acknowledging small positive moments, it’s also been helpful to share this process with someone else. My wonderful partner asks me to name three things I’m thankful for each night prior to going to sleep. I’ve noticed that this process helps us feel more connected and helps me focus on my good fortune. I am thankful for each breath I take and want to continue living with that gratitude. 
In 2015, the more I listened to myself, the more I progressed. I believe that each of you has an inner voice that can help guide you towards optimal development. Sometimes you need to find others to help you amplify that voice, but after you can hear it, you need to follow it. Balance is the key to all conditional existence. The more you can create balance in all aspects of your life, the more your mind, body, and spirit will self-align. As each component harmonizes, you will develop better physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. 
As we continue down our path of self-improvement, let us all be inspired by one another, support one another, and show love to all and all.