It All Adds Up

9:19 AM Amer Bekic 0 Comments

Your first post might get one view. Your second might get two views. Your third might get four views. Your fourth might get eight views. And so on. Who knows where you might end up when you do this for an entire year.

Who knows how many views you'll get by the end of the year..

On the other hand, when you wait for another week to post that new new article, that new video or that new whatever, nothing will add up.

You will never be able to build up momentum. Your viewership will never increase. Your subscribers will never increase.

No matter how good that first piece was. You have to serve a second. A third. A fourth..

Here's what most people do. They enthusiastically send out a tweet with their first post. Or they send out a tweet that they're back in the game after having stopped. I read some of them. I comment on some of them. And then.. Nothing ever happens. People just disappear..

A very small number of people might send out another tweet with a second post. That's about it. But when no one likes it, they just stop. When no one comments on it. And no one shares it. They stop. You stop. Or they wait for another week to post an update. Or two weeks. Or three weeks.

Most people are scared. Most people are blinded by all these people they see getting thousands of likes.

Not getting a single like, comment or share feels like the ultimate humiliation. Leaving such a post on your timeline feels like you're dying. So people remove it. I remove posts from time to time as well. I feel ashamed.

Most people are scared to be humiliated in public. Even worse, to be humiliated on their Facebook wall. Or their Medium blog. The entire world can see it. And laugh about you. So people stop. You stop. And then you'll be forgotten.

I will never open or read one of your tweets ever again. I know it's a waste of time. Everybody knows it's a waste of time. Because 99,9% of the people just stop. So why bother even reading the first piece? I might read the tenth tweet you sent me on the tenth day.

But people never do this. They give up on the first day. Or the second day..
The thing is that everyone can write one or two posts a week. Or a month.

Nothing special about that. As a matter of fact millions of people are doing it already. So people won't realize that you even exist. No one will take you serious. You're one out of a few millions. It's hard to stand out when you compete with millions of others..

On the other hand, if you consistently put out a tweet or a Facebook post with a new piece of content every single day for an entire year, people will start noticing.

And then the second year people might start taking you serious. The first year is mainly to get noticed. And to get better at it.

It all adds up. But you need to give it a chance to add up in the first place. Where nothing is added, nothing will add up.

If you don't add something new, don't expect it to add up. If you only add a new post, video or whatever every ten days, expect it to take 10 times longer.

Don't expect to get noticed before that time passes. Don't expect to grow your readership. Or your subscribers. Or your whatever.

It only adds up when you keep adding stuff..