Increase Productivity On Side Projects

3:27 AM Amer Bekic 0 Comments

The best way to increase productivity on side projects is by setting aside designated time for those projects every day, or throughout the week. You also have to find ways to increase your energy levels so you have the energy necessary to tackle everything you want to work on.

(1) Sleep early
You need long days because you probably have a lot you want to be working on. To extend your days as much as possible, you should sleep early and wake up early. When 9-10 p.m. rolls around, don't waste it. Sleep to refuel your body.
(2) Wake up early
The morning is probably the most resourceful tool you can have for productivity. The morning hours are so important to being productive because in the morning its quiet, no distractions, no traffic, and you have time to accomplish a task you know has to get done that day, to study for school, or work on your side project for an hour or two. 
(3) Cut the bs distractions out of your life
Turn your notifications off on your phone so you don't get distracted while you're working. Put all the apps you waste time on in a folder titled "BS" and look at them once a day when you're winding down. We waste way too much time messing around on our phones.
(4) Designate a time for your side projects, and work on them at the same time everyday
I like to work on my side projects in the morning hours. For one, it helps my brain focus. Its also a good way to ensure you're getting things done early in the day so you don't have to plan when you're going to do it later on. 
If you don't want to work in the morning, waking up early and getting something done is still important because it is CREATING time throughout the rest of the day. Regardless, you have to have a designated time, THE SAME TIME EVERYDAY, where you should be working on your projects. That way, after a few weeks, when that time rolls around, your body is accustomed to being ready to work on the particular task at hand.
(5) Start eating healthier
Eating healthy is important for maintaining high energy levels. If you eat really poorly, your body will treat you poorly and it won't provide you with the fuel you need to stay productive. 
(6) Exercise
Exercising for just 20 minutes a day will provide you with necessary energy, stress release and mind relaxation. Finding time to exercise is important and although it takes some time from your day, it impacts your productivity dramatically.
(7) Do things you love
Productivity isn't just about how much time you spend on projects. Its about being efficient when you're working. If we're ALWAYS working, its hard to stay productive and efficient because we can feel like we're missing out on life, and our bodies just get burnt out and tired. Make sure you make time to see the people you care about, and to do the things you love so that when it comes work time, you have no regrets and your mind doesn't wander into negative places.