How to be Productive by Doing More and Working Less

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Becoming more productive working less is possible and is scientifically proven
The First thing to manage is stress. Stress is negative for your body. Let’s not confuse stress with pressure anyway. Pressure can be positive because makes you a faster worker but stress just shuts the full potential of your brain down and so reduces your productivity.
1) Before you start working, separate your workload into smaller sections​.
This way your mind will perceive the workload as smaller and will be less prone to be stressed. Try to quickly estimate the time that you will need for a certain task. 
2)​Relax your body with this 5 minutes breathing exercise.
Breathing is essential for your body and mind to function at its best. You need to get the oxygen flow correctly and reach your arteries so that more oxygenated blood will reach your brain and organs.
● Breathe for 5 seconds, hold the breath for others 5 seconds and exhale it in 5 seconds. Repeat the following 5 times. 
● Now breathe very deeply in and out of your body for 2 minutes being more conscious of your breath. The inhale should be very long (around 15­20 secs) and the exhale as well. You have to reach the point where you feel completely relaxed and light. 
● Finally we will do a super oxygenating exercise that will wake you up more than a coffee and will get you ready to work. You have to breathe in and out of your nose with a breath in breath out rithm of 3 per second. So it is going to be: Breath in fast, breath out fast, from your nose for 3 times in a second. 
You can do it from 1 to 3 times but start slow because it is a really powerful pranayama technique. Don’t exaggerate because you can hyperventilate your body and feel dizzy instead of energetic. 
3)​Set the timer to 25 minutes and work without stopping at full focus.
Never stop before 25 minutes of work consecutively as your mind will get too many distractions. The best option is to work from 25 to 45 minutes and then take a break. The important thing is to remain fully focused but at the same time relaxed. That’s why the breathing exercise above is a must.
4)​Take your 5 mins break Stand up and stretch your body.
Start with the neck, shoulders, arms, torso, waist, legs and feet. It should take 2 minutes. After that raise your fists high, like you just won 1 million and jump on your feet like you are skipping the rope for 1 minute.
If you feel like an idiot while doing this, like l always do, just smile and have fun! Now sit down, think about how good you feel and think about a funny stuff that happened to you. Or text some of your funny friends. Take these other 2­3 minutes to rest and start again your tasks.
After you have completed one round of 25 to 45 minutes, start again. Next time take a longer break. The first break should be of 5 minutes, the second of 7, the third of 9 and so on. 
These are some tips that will not only improve your productivity making you work smarter but also will make you feel less drained by your workload with all the benefits stemming from this fact. 
Your days will be more happy, you will accomplish more tasks in less time and so you will have more time to spend for you and more time for your partner, family and friends.
Hope this helped!