Happy, Lively, Youthful, and Energetic!!! Everyone wanted to be, but how?

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Even if you visit parlors/saloons thousand times and color your hair, your age is going to show up. Even if you follow trendy wears and cargo pants; you will fall short of breath at staircases and even forget you have done trekking in college days.

So what to do? Yes, something is possible, here is how.

SHIFT+ DELETE - Clean Up Your System:

Do you have old messages and phone numbers in your mobile, piling up year on year? Delete everything immediately …what about your mind, is it same as that? Old days, old arguments and poignant memories...SHIFT + DELETE. Don’t you need space in your memory to save fresh and new things? Clean up and update your system.

Watch Your Company, Have Positive People Around You:

With whom you have the friendship, the one who always complain about something or everything OR the one who thinks about, everything around them is unfair, and how everyone is behaving badly. Will these people hammer you, now and then with their pessimistic views? Instead, prefer the company of optimistic, fun and frolic people. Oh yes, check where you stand, at first place.

Learn New Things And Keep Yourself Active:

Learn...at every phase of life. It’s real fun while learning new things. Learn whatever you like. Learn every small thing which you do not know earlier. Do not spoil brain by keeping it empty and inactive. You know, empty mind is the devil’s workshop. Does try a game or puzzle; write an article, poem, and journals, analyze solutions for problems or something which will keep your brain active.

Follow Your Passion:

What do you like doing from mind and heart? List them down and do it passionately. Do you like nasal voice of Himesh Reshamiya or even Justin Bieber (Personally, I do not like or hate them)? Listen and dance to his tunes, don’t ever care what others saying. Do you like drawing and painting, then do it now. You might not become famous like Leonardo the Vinci or Picasso, still do wait for your masterpiece. Just do it!!!

Be Stupid & Have Fun - Never Let The Kid Inside Of You, Die:

Do you feel pleasure in eating spicy and anti-diet food (chat, panipuri, Bhel, red-and-juicy ice balls or Buddhi ke baal in Indian Context), once in a while? It is fun, right!!!

Even small things, which you like, do it with your heart. Do not ever spoil this opportunity, by this foolish thought that we are too old or mature enough to do it.


Laugh...And laugh out loudly...At least once a day. Laugh at yourself first before others. Keep everyone around you, smiling and laughing. Do spend time laughing with your near and dear ones.

Unload The Burden Of Guilt & Hurting Feelings:

Is something is going on and on your mind, filling up tears in your eyes? Have you felt victimized or hurt? Take it out...Take it out all guilt and poignancy. Do you want to make a confession or afraid of saying sorry to someone? Say sorry TODAY, it will make you lighter; do not stay with guilt anymore. Why hurt yourself?

Wear "I Don't Care" Attitude:

You get hurt from people, circumstances and words sometimes, okay! But leave it then and there; do not carry the burden forever and thereby choking your life. Whoever caused this hurt had hurt you only once. Why peel out yourself like onion by thinking same every time? Guess, “I Don’t care” attitude can work very well here.

Connect With Your Near & Dear Ones:

How many days passed by, you have not spoken to your dear ones?

“Hey Pops, you look dashing in this T-Shirt/Shades, how many killings you intended for?”

“Oh Mom, please wear this Dress/Sari, it looks great on you?”

Have you ever asked about well-being of your parents/siblings and their friends? Do you know about their Vacation-Kitty Parties-to-Bhajan plans?

Express Love:

There are people with whom you are in love, let them feel so from your side. Saying “I Love You” is easy, try it. Do not want to say it or afraid, still touch or take his/her hand in your hand. It can go without saying, right.

Return to Your Home:

Return to your own home, where including live creatures, every wall, curtains or even a small garden on your terrace is waiting for you. Do not forget the warmth of your home as it is the source of all the energy for staying alive and going ahead.