14 Simple Changes

1:01 AM Amer Bekic 0 Comments

1. Clean up your place before starting your work. Whether it's your home or your workplace. Clean up and arrange everything around you before you start to work. It will keep you focused and you won't waste your time finding for anything you need throughout your work.

2. Read while commuting. Instead of listening to random and useless public talks, read books or articles while commuting. It will add to your vocabulary and increase the knowledge for your life.

3. Have a fruit or yogurt or lukewarm lemon water every morning with empty stomach. It will keep your digestive system healthy.

4. Try to sleep randomly for fixed hours a day. We all are usually trapped in a fixed sleeping pattern. We sleep at a particular place, for particular hours and at a particular time and hence when we don't get chance to sleep in that particular pattern, our whole day is ruined. By being able to sleep randomly whenever you get time, you will be able to keep yourself energized whole day irrespective of how and when you get chance to sleep.

5. Walk at least 30 minutes everyday. If you don't get enough time to walk, at least use stairs at work and home instead of lift.

6. Write something everyday. Put your thoughts in a diary or a blog whenever they spark. Jot down specially when you are motivated. It will help you when you are unable to figure out workable solutions and motivate yourself.

7. Have a daily goal and a daily plan. Working in an IT company, I have to prepare daily schedule and complete a goal each day. This habit of daily planning enables me to accomplish more than what could I have done otherwise. 

8. Sprinkle a mild perfume or talc or spray before heading out. Make sure you look and smell good. It undoubtedly adds to your personality. Also make sure that the perfume is not too strong, it might make ruin somebody's day as well.

9. Meditate at least 10 minutes everyday. If nothing, you will at least be able to listen to your mind for a few minutes everyday. Those 10 minutes everyday will keep you focused on your goals.

10. Share your food with others. Sharing food is a great joy and a great way to build rapport in your workplace and your home.

11.  Switch off your mobile while working. Just by switching off your mobile phone while working hours, you will be able to improve your productivity a lot. An average youngster roughly wastes at least half an hour everyday behind their mobile phone. Why not have a quick nap instead? 

12. Express your gratitude to 2 persons everyday. Appreciate your loved one, your friend, your parents your siblings or anybody else that makes your life easier and makes you a better person. Gratitude is a great feeling and makes you focus upon the positives in your life. It will also keep them happier who love you and who matter the most to you.

13. Rinse your mouth with mouthwash or brush your teeth before going to sleep. Specially those who eat too much sweet must clean their teeth and rinse their mouth twice a day because lack of oral hygiene will disable you from chewing over a long term and cause many other health problems over the time. 

14. Switch off the light, fan and electric devices before leaving your place. It's just a work of seconds but this simple habit can be easily developed by a little self-awareness and will contribute a lot to environment and our lives on the whole.