10 Mini-Habits

2:46 AM Amer Bekic 0 Comments

These are things that make my life beautiful. Might work for you or not:

1. Spending Time Alone: Let's face it. We are all hyper connected. If you are anything like the average person, you are at least on 2 networking sites and face a deluge of mails, messages and other distractions, not to forget friends and families.

Take out time to focus energies on yourself. The best time is either the first or the last thing in the day - whatever works for you.

2. Saying Bye, Bye to emotional vampires: We have all faced emotional vampires - people at work, your own family and friends at times.

I know this is tough but if being with someone drains you out emotionally, it's time to step away from them. You'll wonder about spoiling relationships - but it's better to be happy separately than miserable together.

3. Paying yourself first - I put away 40% of my income as Savings/Investment by the 2nd of every month.

Build your nest egg.

4. Reading: There are few habits as wonderful as reading. Read as many book as you can, in as many languages as you can. Do not take things at face value. Underline in your books. Think.

5. Exercise: Even if it's walking for 20 minutes a day or doing it thrice a week. Few things boost your happiness like exercise does,

6.  Don't feel shame, guilt or remorse: It is natural to feel negative emotions. Feeling angry, hurt or sad is part of who we are. However, there are certain negative emotions that do not arise from the core of our being but are thrust from how other people make us feel.

Don't let anyone emotionally manipulate you into feeling bad for something you had no control over.

7. Do not believe the single story of anything else: Most things are far deeper than we think.

Do not let yourself be typecast or be persuaded into thinking that all are one and the same.

8. Listen to good music. Any music.

9. Maintain cleanliness and discipline: It's tough to be a stickler for discipline in all regards but having value for time (yours and others) can go a long way.

So can putting your things in order. A clean, peaceful mind belongs in a clen peaceful environment.

I am yet to see a respectable, intelligent person who's okay with dust, dirt and old pizza boxes.

10. Be grateful: If you are reading this, you have internet access, curiosity  to learn new things and leisure time to do so - you have wonderful opportunities ahead of you.

Do not compare your journey with anyone else's and you'll reach where you are meant to.