Motivated to Burn Fats … In 10 Minutes

6:09 AM Amer Bekic 0 Comments

Yes, those fats are starting to add up and layers are forming under your chin and belly. But, what to do? Between work and kids, what time do you have to go to the gym, run on the thread mill for 30 minutes or even jog around the park? Well, here are 2 fat burning exercises that you can do for 10 minutes and if you are really motivated to burn those fats, you will try this every day. 

#1 Slope Sprint 
Find a slope, hill or any inclined road in your neighborhood. Then, set your phone or timer to 10 minutes. Sprint as fast as you can to the top of the slope and then slowly to back to the bottom to recover. Repeat this sprint for 10 minutes to help you burn fat … lot’s of it. 
#2 Bike Like Crazy 
For this exercise, you will need a steady bike. Pedal as fast as you can and as hard as you can for 20 seconds. After 20 seconds, slow down for only 10 seconds to recover. Alternate between pedaling hard for 20 seconds and slowing down for 10 seconds for 10 minutes. This is guaranteed to help you lose a lot of fat. 
Yes, these two exercises are tough and a lot of hard work, but the work is so worth it.