Tell the Truth

6:49 AM Amer Bekic 0 Comments

Why are you here? Does your daily behavior reflect your highest priorities? Or are you trying to be something or someone you are not? 

Admittedly these are tough questions, but if you are going to rely on the Fun Factor to achieve maximum success, you’ve got to be clear on what’s “negotiable” and what’s not. Your humor nature will not fabricate on your behalf. Humor always tells the truth, which is why it’s so unwelcome in some segments of society.

So if you are trying to be someone you are not, your humor nature will trip you up. It knows and respects you too well to misrepresent you.

Your humor nature is exactly who you are. It is the part of you that you did not create. It is the part of you that you will never improve upon, because there is no need for improvement. You are wonderful just as you are. Why settle for less than your unique perfection?

Be true to yourself. Trust yourself. Get in the habit of asking “Am I being honest with myself?” If you are not sure of the answer, this exercise will help:

Sit quietly in a comfortable chair. Take several deep, relaxing breaths. Try to release all of the tension that will leave you as you let go of each breath. Dismiss all the usual thoughts from your mind and set aside, momentarily, any problems you’ve been wrestling with. About a dozen relaxing breaths should suffice.

After getting as calm as possible, turn your mind inward and look deeply into yourself. Search every nook and cranny of your inner awareness, looking carefully for any attitudes, ideas, thoughts, or feelings that might be holding tension in you. These ideas and feelings usually come under headings like anger, fear, resentment, judgment, frustration and impatience.

If you identify such thoughts or feelings within you, be willing to set them outside yourself for the next minute or two. Let go of any anger, even if it’s justified. The same for any fear or
resentment you may find. Let it all go for a moment. Then, concentrate on love, peace, joy, compassion, patience and hope. Dwell on these thoughts and feelings for a moment. 

If, during this moment, doubt or self criticism creep into your awareness, gently set them outside yourself with the other stress inducing thoughts. Give yourself a minute or two of pure concentration on the many positive aspects of your joyful nature. Complete the exercise by taking one final deep breath in and, as you slowly release the breath, gently open your eyes. Stretch both arms over your head, and then bring them down before getting up from the chair.