No Regrets

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Live your life in a manner that leaves you with no regrets in the end. If you want to take a risk, but aren’t sure what to do, ask yourself if you’ll regret the decision later. The saddest thing to hear about is someone who regrets the things they never did. There will come a time when you can’t try and try again.

Great Things Lie Ahead

Besides the ‘seize the day’ ideas to get motivated, think about what has been accomplished and what could be accomplished if you set your mind to doing something. People have built empires on pure ambition and belief, men and women have single-handedly changed the course of history. Who knows what heights you could reach if you focused your time and energy on one aim. The only way you’ll ever know is if you go out there and get to work!

Manipulation vs. Motivation

Motivation is healthy, positive, and necessary in every area of your life. Manipulation is damaging, negative, and never necessary. Be care-ful not to confuse the two. Whether you are helping others to get mo-tivated or are trying to motivate yourself, beware of creating situations resulting in guilt or anger.

Three Meals a Day Guarantees the Motivation will Stay

Eat a well-balanced meal. It is a well-known fact that eating the right amounts of food is vital to good health and high energy. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It is in the early hours that your body requires nutrients to help get it going. Lunch and dinner keep your dietary needs satisfied. If you find that you are sluggish or tired, ask yourself, “Have I eaten today?”

Get Enough Sleep

Sleep at least six to eight hours per night. I can’t believe my ears when I hear people tell me that they get by on three to four hours of sleep a night. It’s not healthy and is doing more damage to their system than they realize. Six to eight hours is necessary for the adult body to recu-perate from the day’s activities. Don’t let sleep be the thing you sacri-fice for the sake of others. After enough sacrificing of sleep, you won’t be able to take part in any activities.