Five Steps To Accomplish Change

9:51 AM Amer Bekic 0 Comments

1. Decide what you really want. Decide what is preventing you from having it now we’ll call that the problem and how you’re going to change it.

2. The first thing to do is get leverage. Associate so much pain to the problem, that you can no longer stand it. AND associate so much pleasure to the experience of changing NOW, that you can’t stand it if you don’t change.

3. Interrupt the limiting behavior pattern, the problem that you want to change.If it’s swearing, then laugh out loud each and every time you swear. So what if it’s embarrassing? Swearing should be too, but you somehow got used to it. Now, get used to laughing whenever you feel a need to swear, anywhere from a little chuckle to a full-blown belly laugh  whatever fits the situation. Hm. Laughter, joy,
what a concept.

4. Create a new pattern that empowers you. For example, when you laugh, you might see yourself as a much more appealing person. Make a picture of it and keep that picture in front of your face mentally.

5. Do, act out, CLAIM the new pattern until it consistently appears in your life.Remember, we make our habits, then our habits make us. Good luck!