Attitude at Work

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YOUR JOB IS FILLED with responsibilities, co-workers, bosses, deadlines, and pressure to do things well, right, and on time.  With the right attitude work can be an exciting and satisfying experience. Because so much of your time will be spent working, it is important to have a winning attitude to help you succeed and also help others to reach their goals.

Don’t Work Too Hard

You probably haven’t heard this request too often, and with good rea-son. Overall, a great deal of individuals could stand to work a little harder, but in this respect, the key is to not overwork yourself. You may feel great about working without a break or breather, but your effectiveness may slowly start to decrease as your energy, focus, and responsiveness slip.

The Extra Assignment

It happens to all of us. We have a full load of work on our plate, and in comes your friendly co-worker offering to pile on just a bit more. She could really use a favor, and needs your help. Sometimes you just have to say no. It is difficult, indeed, but it is necessary. When the re-sponsibilities of others continue to fall on your lap, you may have to get used to saying a few more no’s than you did previously. Politely explain to them that you don’t have the time right now and must focus on your own responsibilities.

Quitting Time

This is for the overachievers. Set a mandatory quitting time for your-self at the office. Many times work can take complete control of your life, leaving little room for other activities. Setting a time that you must stop working will ensure that you do not get too tense, stressed, or mentally and physically drained.

The Delicate Balance

Striking a healthy balance between work and home has been a struggle for many men and women throughout the working world. The prob-lem compounds when you are passionate about your work, and wish never to leave it. Working hard is a virtuous endeavor, but when it cuts into family and home, changes are required. For a truly happy life, you need both career satisfaction and the love and friendship of your family. Without the latter, the first will be of little consequence.

When at Home, Be at Home

Separating work and home can be a difficult thing to do. Deadlines to be met, projects to be completed, new challenges appearing around every corner. Many of us can’t help but think about work responsibili-ties as we leave the office, drive home, and enter the front door. It may be difficult, but it will help to keep your attitude calm and your stress low. When the workday is done, the workday is done. As you drive away from the business, change gears and prepare your mind for home.

When at Work, Be at Work

The other side of the coin is also very important. When you leave your home in the morning, afternoon, or night heading for your job, leave the issues as home where they belong. The idea is to focus on the task at hand, and not what is happening in another part of your life. It is difficult, to be sure, to keep your work and home life completely sepa-rated. But knowing the danger of mixing realities will help you to make informed decisions about how you work and live.

Play Music While You Work

If possible, turn on the radio while you work to keep your energy up or to calm your nerves. The selection of music will be determined by the desired effect. Classical music would be a good fit for a stressful project or a situation where you must think calmly and in a relaxed state of mind. If you need energy, rock n’ roll might be a better match for your needs.

Create a Success File

Create a file at work for positive reviews, glowing reports, and other achievements you are proud of. This will help to improve your confi-dence and attitude whenever you need a quick boost.

Begin with a Hello

As soon as you walk through the front doors say hello to each em-ployee that you see. Some workers have a habit of hanging their head as they stomp through the hallways. Not only does this affect your attitude but also the attitude of those around you. Begin your day in a positive way and you’ll finish in just the same manner.