How to Get Yourself Motivated

2:50 AM Amer Bekic 0 Comments

It’s hard to motivate yourself to do the things you want to achieve in life, especially when you’re in a slump. Life is alike a roller coaster – it has it’s high points where you’re motivated to the max, but when it’s lows hit you, you don’t even remember what it felt like to be at the top. And everybody feels unmotivated to do stuff at one point in their lives; it’s just human nature. But it’s during these times of our lives that we have to stay focused on what we want to achieve and light a fire underneath our butts to get up and just go and do it! 

Here are some helpful tips to stay motivated when you’re at a low in your life and in the deepest slump you’ve ever been in:

1.Choose One Specific Goal

Even though you’re not motivated to do anything, choose one specific goal and tackle it with all your might and gusto! Write down all the steps needed to achieve that one goal and start a checklist. Each time you finish something on that list, cross it off and start on the next task. Soon you’ll find yourself so engrossed at achieving that one goal, and you’ll realize that you’re motivated to do something and now out of your slump! Just make sure you continue on your path to reaching your set goal and keep doing this every time you find yourself unmotivated and in a horrible slump. 

2.Get Inspired

To get out of the funk that you’re in, you might need to go out and find some inspiration! You’ll need to find things, people and places that inspire you since inspiration is a personal thing and can vary from person to person. Some find it from reading books, others from listening to music. Then there are those that like to go to their favorite place or have coffee with an inspiring person. Whatever your inspiration is, you’ll immediately feel motivated and ready to conquer the world after interacting with your inspiration for a few hours or even minutes!

3.Get Support From Family and Friends

If you’re not able to get out of the slump on your own, have some help from loved ones around you. You’ll find that accomplishing something is better and easier when you have support. That way the whole group can motivate each other when any one falls off the bandwagon. Finding a support network shouldn’t be hard; just look to your family and friends and you’ll realize that many of you share the same goals and just needed some extra support to accomplish them. 

4.Get Excited

You’d be surprised to know that getting excited about achieving a goal or setting a new one can pick you up and motivate you. Start thinking about it and you’ll feel butterflies in your stomach and adrenaline will start to flow through your veins as you visualize yourself achieving that goal. That excitement alone should motivate you to get up and make that dream a reality!