Happiness is Richness

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How to be Happy

Once in a village there was a rich man, who owns most of the land in the village. But he does not enjoy the richness. He feels something is missing in his life. Although he enjoys all the pleasures, he does not get satisfied with his life. He decided to go in search of this missing link everywhere.

He went for hunting. He got cute little birds, and brought them home and left them in his cage. The birds did not like to be stuck up and were sitting sadly. So, he left them.

He then went to watch a philosophical movie on a cold night. He asked his driver to drop him and wait till the movie ends to pick him up. The movie was portraying the life of a driver, who is in great poverty. The rich man cried for the scenes that came on that movie and then returned home.

At last he thought going to exotic locations will surely give him happiness. So, he went on a world trip to the beautiful locations all over the planet. He took photos and videos of it and he returned home with the dream that watching these photos and videos and thinking about his experience will keep him happy forever. But he felt lonely when he saw the photos. He thought he had nobody around him in this vast big planet.

He asked the driver, ”What do you think will give me happiness?”

The driver told him, ”You search for happiness outside, but it should be generated
from within yourself. You should spread happiness. You go and cry in a movie only
to reduce your stress. But if you’d really felt the movie, instead of crying for the driver
character in the movie, you would have thought about me standing alone in the cold, without a sweater, living away from my family, just for money.

For your selfishness you bring other species to your place, expect them to be happy. Even when I go to my nearby village I go and enjoy with my family rather than going around the world alone. There is no happiness in consuming beauty but really the happiness lies in sharing it with people around you. Companionship, Kinship, Friendship, Fellowship gives happiness.”

Moral:Thinking only about ourselves, won’t make us happy. Spread smiles around,
the smiles you spread around, will in turn make you smile. As stated by Richard
Dawkins, ” Humans are now evolving by continuously rebelling against our selfish gene.”