Developing Critical Thinking Skills

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Critical thinking is a process that involves the analytical evaluation of a situation. By thinking critically, you will be able to discriminate the different points of view associated with a situation. The skill will enable you to find every possible way of solving the problem. The aim is to derive the best possible solution for a particular problem, by weighing the substantial and insubstantial as well as concrete and abstract factors governing a situation. If you do not know much about developing critical thinking skill, the following lines will surely prove to be of help.

How To Develop Critical Thinking Skills

Process The Information

While reading something, the best way to learn it and register it in mind is to process it first in your mind. After assimilating the information, try to comprehend the key points. Assess the arguments, evidences and assumptions present in the information.

Compare And Construct An Idea

It is very important to analyze the key components first and then compare each of them, to figure out their similarities and dissimilarities. Now, based on the facts that you have compared, try to form an idea. To give shape and support to your idea, try to make logical connections between the facts.

Answer Questions

Disciplined questioning also promotes critical thinking. One of the most effective ways to develop critical thinking skill is to answer the questions based on a few hypothetical problems. Even if you fail to answer all the questions, you will be able to analyze the concepts. Moreover, you will be able to distinguish between the facts and the assumptions.Complicated and challenging though, it is an effective way to gain the skill of critical thinking.

Solve Puzzles

Solving a puzzle can help you learn how to develop critical thinking skills. This could be a simple exercise of connecting a number of dots in a predefined manner, to form an image.Apart from connecting the dots, this exercise will help you to think out of the box.