Commitment and Success

7:37 AM Amer Bekic 0 Comments

When it comes to commitment and success, each walk hand-in-hand, without one the other will not come. Simply if you have no commitment you will achieve no real success.

The real issue is most people have a wavering commitment. For example when the going gets tough most will give up and quit. People cave into peer pressure, nay Sayers who would have you believe what you are doing is for not. When you simply need to reaffirm your commitment to achieve success to which you aspire.

This is a strong example but important when answering “what should my level of commitment be”? Here is the litmus test for that question. If you had a loved one in danger, what level of commitment would you have to help them? If your child was in eminent danger your level of commitment to save them would be unwavering. No questions asked you would do everything in your power to save a child or loved one. OK, that is the level of commitment you need to enjoy success. No matter what was being thrown at you in our example, your entire focus would be on eliminating the danger. Therefore, you must eliminate your fear, your doubt and often times your own self sabotage.

The commitment you make will determine the level of success you achieve. Don't confuse work with accomplishment. Some will say “I am working so hard nothing is changing”. This is when your commitment will falter. If you are working hard and nothing is happening then you need to rethink your approach, not your commitment. Keep your eye on the ball. If you are committed to succeed then noone obstacle can stand in your way. Go around, move it, jump over it, but don’t loose your committed approach to the task at hand.

A commitment has to be a steadfast promise to yourself that under no condition are you prepared to fail. If you have a solid project, relationship or whatever it is you wish to succeed at. Your commitment has to be unwavering. When you say “I do”your commitment to your spouse is for a lifetime. Are you simply going to quit at the first sign of trouble? The first hardship you might have to endure, give up? Your commitment must be a solemn vow to yourself (or in the case of a relationship to your spouse as well).

Without commitment, success can not bloom. Commit yourself to the highest standard comfortable for you and success will rain upon you as though you stood in a Brazilian rain forest.