The Impact of Teacher's Motivation on Students' Motivation to Learn

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Students' motivation has always been the center of many discussions and plenty of research. It is worth noting that teachers' motivation directly impacts students' motivation and learning progress. In this presentation, the factors influencing teachers' motivation, the strategies to motivate teachers and the benefits reflected on students' motivation is discussed.


Motivation for teaching is a main component that directly affects engaging students in learning. In the recent years there has been a marked growth of literature in the area of teacher motivation and teacher education conducted by researchers in different parts of the world.

Research suggests for motivation aspects with respect to teacher motivation: intrinsic component, contextual factors, temporal axis, and fragility. Research reports that the number of demotivated teachers is alarmingly increasing and this negative influence has direct impact on the students' learning process. The main factors responsible for negative influence on teacher motivation are; the stressful nature of the job, the inhibition of teacher autonomy, the insufficient self-efficacy, and inadequate career structures. Therefore, it is important to devise strategies to overcome these negative influences, so as to create a better and positive learning environment.

Amel Shoaib (2004) conducted a survey in Saudi Arabia that resulted in distinguishing three main levels of strategies aimed at motivating teachers. The three levels are: the teacher level, the managerial level, and the institutional level. Her recommended strategies can reap positive results in motivating students to be more engaged in the learning process, if they are devised well.

When the relationship between teacher motivation and student motivation is in the spotlight, an effective learning and teaching environment will blossom to benefit the students even outside the classroom, building on their autonomy. Self-determined teaching may promote self-determined learning.