Learning How To Stop Judging Others Will Help You

6:33 AM Amer Bekic 0 Comments

As humans, it is our nature to judge other people. Mostly because judgement is almost done subconsciously without any direct attention to it. Yeah, we know what we are thinking about someone, but we disregard it like it has no effect on ourselves. On the contrary, it has a massive effect on us.

Have you ever wondered the reason for your self consciousness? Why you care about what people think of you? Why you care about shit that truly does not matter? Fear. Pure fear that is directly derived from ego.

You can be shyest m*therfucker on this earth and have an ego bigger than holy hell. How? Because ego is a sense of self directly derived from the comparison of others to you. Ego is not confidence, ego is an unhealthy illusion that is counterproductive as f*ck .

This is an example of confidence

You yourself, are a badass, and you need no one else to validate that for you. You don't need anyone to be a benchmark for your success in life. F*ck that. No one knows you like you know yourself, and a major key to not giving a fuck, is the realization that people's understanding of who you are and what you're about does not matter.

How do you lose an ego?

Stop judging. I myself struggle with this. A lot. And my tone throughout this text was not meant to appear like I have this shit down, but rather to share an epiphany from a progressing honey badger.

I am doing things day by day that help me personally with counterproductive thoughts.
The next time you catch yourself thinking something along lines of, "That girl is a bitch." or "What a tool.", say something that is degrading to yourself. Yes. Degrading. This will train your mind that this kind of negative thinking does not help, but rather induces more fear or anxiety of how others perceive You. It triggers fear, not at that moment, but very subtly in your subconsciousness. I'm not saying the reason that you do give a f*ck for how people perceive you is all due to your judgment on others, but it is a huge part of the problem.

When I catch myself in the act, I say something like "Stop that, you p*ssy." Or "What the f*ck are you doing? This is part of your problem."

Try this. I guarantee that once you lose the necessity to judge others, it will help you lose the care that is holding you back from being You. Not only that, you will have soo much more time for doing the things that you love and you just won't give a fuck. Why? Because you will realize that you can remove fear itself, for that too, is an illusion.