Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Killer Mike: Life Advice

Source: Killer Mike: Life Advice | Adult Swim

If anyone needs more help getting motivated, Ive found that pretty much any Killer Mike, El-P or Run The Jewels song will help me keep going at the gym when Im about to quit for the day. 

"I got things to do, before I meet that glory in the sky And my baby girl b-day six months away, she gonna be five So I pray to the lord he spare me, and I make it by and by And I help souls stay out of Hell with what I testify And maybe when I grab that microphone and never lie Thatll merit that he spare me, I wont have to feel that fire So Killa Kill gonna spit that real on each and every song And each and every poem, until the good lord call me home, gone!"

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