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It’s the major work of the team leader to motivate each and every individual of the group in order to make them involve in the specific activity. It can really help the team members from becoming destructive by the fear and intimidations. A positive approach of the team leader can do miracles for the whole team’s productivity and working potential.

Encouraging your tem is quite a challenging task. You have to deal with the variety of team members each with different skills, talents and focuses. But all of them require some kind of motivation in order to see greater success. Being a leader it’s the part of your protocol to make them enthusiastic about their role. It nowhere matter whether the team member is temporary or new, they all expect the same amount of support and motivation from you.

A few pointers that will help you to motivate your team-

  • Do focus on their strengths: make this to be the topic for starting and ending the conversation. It will motivate them to put more efforts for giving their best output.

  • Set a team goal: try to figure out the productivity stats for the team. Keep on motivating the team member to focus on their individual performance in order to contribute in achieving the goal.

  • Share your true feelings with them: it is usually seen that the leader are not able to open themselves in front of the team. But now is the time to express your true feelings as a human will help in developing an emotional bonding between you and your team.

  •  Learn about your team: avoid putting all the members in the same category. Try to understand their likes and dislikes individually. Make yourself a bit familiar with their family, hobbies etc. it will provide you a better way to motivate them.