Goal Setting: 3 Steps to Set Your Life Goals

11:11 AM Amer Bekic 0 Comments

  • I want to get into a relationship.
  • I want to lose 50 lbs.
  • I want to be successful entrepreneur.
For the 1st goal

A Wisher is: someone who sits home all day (while asking 'why am I never in a relationship?) and only dreams about being with a cute girl. Blames the world/god/nature for 'bad genetics', perhaps says they're too ugly for someone ( despite evidence to the contrary where even unattractive people can get into relationships with people 'out of their league')

A Doer is: someone who doesn't separate people into leagues. See's a cute girl and knows she's attractive, doesn't deny it, but isn't intimidated (may say to themselves "I'm suppose to be attracted to her, she's hot"). When he goes out to say, a nightclub, and this is important, does NOT make it a goal to "get with a girl", his goal at this point is to have fun. The saying in the 1902 book As a man thinketh described this well: "Men do not attract that which they want, but that which they are.". Doers don't fantasize about being with cute girls, they expect it to naturally happen on its own.
For the 2nd goal

A Wisher is: someone who plans to exercise (tomorrow, on Monday, on New Years day, etc), tells all their friends, takes all the before pictures, and fantasizes about fitting into those jeans. When an obstacle hits (from cravings to plateaus) they seek external motivation. Temptations overpower them, not always, but usually. Their "metabolism sucks" and "they've tried every diet to no avail."

A Doer is: someone who plans to exercise (today), snaps a few pictures to track progress, doesn't need to tell anyone. Doesn't think 6 months down the road, nor do they buy those jeans they plan on fitting into it. Goals are set in days, weeks at max with a simple "Am I losing weight?" or "Am I not losing weight?" - like a self-guiding missile, if they arelosing weight they don't change anything, if they aren't, they find out what's going wrong. 

Plateaus, craving, temptations are EXPECTED, but they are constantly reminding themselves of how bad they feel when they indulge. When they do give in here and there, they remind themselves they're human and immediately go back on the diet. Each day is a step in the right direction.
For the 3rd goal

A Wisher is: someone who says 'some day', or "once I get this taken care of" or "I need money" or [insert excuse here that stalls]. They are motivated by fear, "what if's???" Invade their mind constantly. They always change their 'idea' to be 'as unique as possible' and fear competition, fear losing money, and fear rejections. Perfection is what they aim for, always, even if it means stalling the best test of all: the market itself.

A Doer is: someone who wants to be successful (financially) but isn't motivated by money, is in it the for long haul. His idea isn't 100% original because most ideas aren't, they just take a certain concept and feel they can execute it better (the idea is 1%, the execution is 99%). Instead of dreaming of being rich or riding in their Lamborghini, they see business as a game; the funniest, greatest, most amazing game to have ever existed. Perfection is impossible thus no aimed for. Competition is a great as it means there exists a market and the hard work (that is, testing to see if a market even exists) has been done.
In other words, successful people don't dream or wish or waste time fantasizing...that 'dream' is nothing more than the direction they want to move. The secret is waking up, day in and day out, and making everything they go for in life a certainty, not a fantasy. That every roadblock is part of the bump in the road, and that self-confidence is the greatest and most effective tool at accomplishing ANYTHING, bar none. Successful people, whenever they catch themselves dreaming, STOP and think how they are going to get FROM where they are TO where they want to be, then DO IT.